Monday, 21 June 2010

Court Case Three: Certified Crazy

Nice that little old xG with its fair share of crazies has caught the attention of the world's most prolific litigant. Jonathon Lee Riches has graciously taken up the case of Bank Hapoalim against xG, claiming that xG stole his intellectual property and hid it in a offshore account vault in Switzerland 20 miles south of the swiss alps. Damningly he also claims that xG are spying on him from the vents in his room at the mental hospital he calls home. They also made Denis Quaid's voice sound in his ear and they have tagged his clothes with GPS. All perfectly reasonable. Considering it's xG.

Edit: Read more of his genius HERE.


  1. How can I get in contact with you John Precot?

    /Public Prosecutor

  2. Hi Public Prosecutor,

    You can contact me in the following way: Go outside, take the first road on the right, and walk down until you find the public callbox. Beside the callbox is a trashcan. Remove all your clothing and place them in the trashcan. Then (very important) take your fist and shove it up your rectum, while smashing your head into the glass of the callbox. I will call you there in a few hours.

    Or you could just email me.

  3. Of all stupid things I've read from the xG mob this beats everything. What's really funny is they think it will have some kind of effect.

    Didn't think people could be this stupid but I was wrong.

  4. Strangely enough Huang, I've received no email, despite the fact that most of the xG Directors have my email address...

  5. You can't be serious! I'm very very surpirsed......not.

    John, do you have any ideas about the trades last week at $0,05 and $0,08?

  6. No idea Huang. The shares are still over-priced though. :-)

  7. Looking at the bid it's over-priced by approx $0,10

  8. You guys done jerking each other off?
    2 dumbass magpies.