Monday, 30 August 2010


Apr 1, 2007: “We're exactly on schedule — both strategically and in terms of the timeline — with everything we said we were going to do, which is really pleasing to me,” said xG Technology CEO Rick Mooers.

“We're looking at 4G instead of 3G, so we're going to be about two years ahead of the cellular carriers,” White said

“We should still outperform other broadband systems by two to three times,” Bobier said. “They're subject to the same laws of physics that we are; we're just starting from a better footprint.”

".... 4G network system expected to be available December 2008...."

"All those big companies that have made a buying decision — like Sprint spending $3 billion on WiMAX — will change their minds once they see this.”

Aug 2010: Mooohahahaha 1... Asymptote
I was surprised to read that xMax's data rate may eventually reach 6 Mb/s...this is more than an order of magnitude less than 4G speeds..

Mooohahahah 2, Sprint launches 4G :


  1. How is xG going to get 6 Mb/s? Perhaps by paralleling all 6 channels in a given sector?

    They say each base station is three sectors, with each sector comprising 6 channels, with each channel capable of 1 Mb/s. I wouldn't put it past them to gang all 6 channels in a sector to demonstrate 6 Mb/s.

    Scalability be damned!

  2. Exactly Jackson,

    All xG and iDigi have ever done is over-promise and under-deliver. Yet people still get suckered in.