Saturday, 11 September 2010

xG in the Wall Street Journal!

xG are going up in the world. Today they had a mention in the preeminent investment organ - the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ describes them pretty accurately as:
a little-known Florida company marketing Internet phone services.
The article centres on the Guy de Chimay case. Sadly for James Woodyatt it looks like he's been Ponzied and won't get his $670,000 back. What a shame. James knows all about Ponzis but he's usually the one separating the victim from their money rather than the other way round. His old company Optimal Asset services, where he was Senior Vice President was a feeder fund for the daddy of all Ponzis - Bernie Maddoff.


  1. Drunk, you and the nip are really stepping up efforts in your pathetic 4 year campaign against xG Something must have you shaking other than the normal DT´s.

    I hope you can post as the shit rolls down your leg.

  2. Drunk, so was Santander, you fucking mook.