Monday, 24 January 2011

xG Phones

An anonymous comment about xG phones on the previous thread got me thinking about them. I make it five phones that xG have been involved with, plus a few limited edition specials.

First we had the TA100 "SAS" the Slim and Swedish.

Then the TX100 "Landfill" of which there are 10,000 buried in a landfill site somewhere.

Then the 4G ready TX110 "Silver Brick" the first Cambridge effort which would begin large scale deliveries in November 2007...

Then the TX60 series
Which included
1) the original TX60 "Pure Fantasy"

2) then because it was fantasy they added an aerial to make the TX60 "Pinocchio"

3) Which came bundled with the TX60 "Egg Fryer"

4) Then the Nazi inspired, flip antenna, TX60 "Sieg Heil"

And now the TX70 "Enormous"


  1. Another meaningless moment spent...good job drunk.

  2. You seem a bit down Marc. Lacking the usual vitriol. Is it because it's all over?

  3. over? When it is over you will be the one who knows first. I don´t find you worth any good insults. A new low.

  4. They actually ordered 10,000 phones at one point???? Unbelievable! What kind of idiots are these people???

    Perhaps they've learned their lesson. It looks like they may only have 3 TX-70 phones, since that's all they've registered under an experimental FCC license. It's no wonder we never hear about the number of simultaneous calls they've actually demonstrated!

    Found at

    (And Dannenberg has done his usual schtick all over that blog.)

    Only Three Handsets?
    By Sam Cogley (not verified) on Thu, 01/13/2011 - 7:37pm.

    Go to

    In the Applicant Name box enter "xg technology" (without the quotes) and then press Start Search at the bottom of the page.

    Look at file number 0173-EX-ST-2010 (Current). It's for three (3) "TX-700". I assume this is a handset. (The xG website shows a TX-70 handset, but no TX-700, and the base station is BNS250. So I assume it's a handset.) It is for operation in Florida and Arkansas.

    So the license is for only three handsets. How would they ever demonstrate more than three simultaneous phone calls with only three handsets? Do only three handsets exist?

    Also interesting is that the above license shows an operation end date of 10/15/2010.

    Now, back on the FCC search results page look at file number 0449-EX-PL-2010 (Current), which was applied for on 9/23/2010. Look at the power levels and compare to the earlier license. They've upped the handset power to 1.44 Watts in Arkansas. Doesn't this violate the restrictions on the 902-928 MHz band? (It may be OK for experimental purposes, but they can't go commercial at this power, can they?) And why would they increase the power after the first go-around?

  5. One jackoff lies, the other one creates a soap opera...didn´t you fuckfaces have any Daddy?

  6. Thanks Anon (not you Marc). Interesting stuff, I notice that the requested power increased massively from 5 watts (2004) to 35 watts (2005) per basestation also.

    I also found something else interesting. See new post.

  7. So its' true they only have a license for 3 handsets - that's really testing the system......morons