Friday, 3 April 2009

Dealer Program PPT

So now we know that the performance of the BTS250 bears no relation to what they originally claimed for xMax. Wireless Guy over at iii seems to know his stuff: "This looks like it will do a fine job of supporting a 100 or so VOIP calls and perhaps text messaging or emails..." BUT as this PowerPoint show proves they were telling the dealers that it would support 780 simultaneous calls, and that OPEX and CAPEX would be lower than other systems. Not might. Not may. Not could. But will support 780 simultaneous calls

Another interesting thing is (slide 4) that they claim the carrier (Telcentris) rates are specially negotiated - but then send me a Cease and Desist when I post them as they are too embarrassing...! And the final hilarious kicker is the launch date: April/May/June 2007!

Unless they announce they have changed their technology to the
stockmarket, they have ONCE AGAIN broken the AIM rules.

I've highlighted interesting things in red. Not all the slides are shown as quite a few are just marketing blurb. First up is the properties of the doc so you can see who wrote it.