Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Treco / Bohman

I almost missed this gem of a comment on the 'Bohman is a Crook' thread. These are the circumstances that saw the White Knight of Treco ride to the rescue of the damsel xG. It's especially pertinent considering yesterday's results hailed the Bohman-owned Treco as the next great step for xG. A poster called xStureplan says...

"Bohman is a pathetic figure.

Bohman has essentially not done any business for the last five years.

Part from spending his time grooming his reputation as a “great” businessman, he has occupied himself with his three favorite pastimes: legal fights with his x, partying and drinking. Drinking has got him into some serious problems: Divorce (still fighting his x), breakup with family and business friends, and bad -really bad- business.

On occasions, Bohman takes a timeout from his hectic social agenda to concentrate fulltime on “the bottle”. In February 2008 he locked himself into a hotel suite in Thailand cutting himself off from the world during at least a month. Only a few old “friends” were able to access him. During this time someone (Whalman?) took advantage of the situation and talked Bohman into starting investing in xG. Whoever it was, he managed to get Bohman’s intoxicated mind into believing that a crashed ACH scam that everyone wanted to get out of, was in fact a major technological breakthrough that would soon rally (in the worst bear market since 1929!). Over the next few months Bohman invested close to SEK 100 million in xG at a level of about USD 5. Needless to say, that money is now forever lost.

In a last attempt to rescue his investment, Bohman formed the empty company Treco in December to enter into a contract with xG to purchase a number of base stations. He sent out press releases pretending to be a billionaire (when in fact he was seriously running out of cash himself), and pretending to be a major shareholder in EFG (when in fact he never held more that 1% of that company and he has probably sold most by now to fund his lifestyle).

Conclusion: someone was using Bohman as a dumping station to get out of their holdings in xG. Now, finally, the world knows what Bohman himself has known many years: that he is an “x”. "


  1. LOL you fucking moron, some wannabe posts something, nobody gives a fuck, and you post it again...a clear sign of a drunken bum.

    This Gem comes from the Inbred Okey Rawson, dad of Felon Rob Rawson:
    Audited or not, it is a crock. The only "revenue" the company had last year was a $6M "deposit" by Treco (which, as a 10% stakeholder is basically self-financing). At the supposed $75K per basestation (of which zero were shipped), that is a total of 80 basetations. All BSN200's were returned and sit idle on shelves, so obviously there were no 327 basestations as reported.
    Once again, clear-cut lies.
    If you want a laugh, read the BSN250 spec sheet. Anyone who knows how to interpret such a spec sheet knows that it belies every claim the company has ever made and will never be 4G, certainly not with a software upgrade. That much is clear.
    You want side-splitting laughter, Fair Play? Look at the company's cornerstone, "Flash", single cycle modulation or whatever they're calling it these days. Another crystal clear deduction from that BSN250 spec sheet is that the "magic modulation" has been abandoned for something quite ordinary with a less than one bit/sec/Hz performance (so either FSK, GMSK, or BPSK).
    Gee, do you think not announcing that might have been an AIM Rule 16 violation, hmmm?
    Well, you wanted laughter!! I think that's hysterical.

    Treco owns 10 percent of xG? Prove it. What´s that? You can´t? Jerking off online...disgusting.

  2. Very interesting blog post!

  3. Thanks Marc, that's interesting. I've not heard of them having 10% either, but I don't think the actual percentage is important whether it's 4.4% or 10%.

    The rest seems pretty accurate though. Damming stuff. I imagine as a sociopath you will rat on Rick and Roger when you get the knock on the door? I can't see you defending them. Why don't you try to beat the inevitable - shop them in now, turn stool pigeon, and the penalties will be likely to be less for you.

  4. Yes, chinky, velly intelesting, Dr. Chan...Monkey, I love how you go around pointing to your owners blog, just like a good gook Monkeyboy.

    3 idiots.

  5. The rest seems pretty accurate though.

    Yeah, ok.

    Damming stuff. I imagine as a sociopath you will rat on Rick and Roger when you get the knock on the door?

    You imagine with a question mark. I hope you don´t get the knock, I hope the door busts in and you never hear anything again.

    I can't see you defending them. Why don't you try to beat the inevitable - shop them in now, turn stool pigeon, and the penalties will be likely to be less for you.

    Again with the prison fantasies while you have been assfucked in the army, Okey has been assfucked in Mexico...his son has been assfucked in Jail, and David Fait has been assfucked in Jail.

    You should put down the bottle.

  6. Not a very interesting comment from Mr Dannenberg but I didn't expect that. Marc, have you sold your xG stock?

  7. Marc.
    Sociopaths always look out for No.1. When the knock comes you'll squeal like a pig, and rat on everyone and their mothers. You know it. They know it. That's why they've been cutting you off recently.

    They know that when iDigi blew up you were telling everybody everything to save your skin. Read the Sarasota Herald article - you shopped the lot.

    And I should say, when the knock comes for them, they will try to blame it on everyone else - including you. In iDigi they blamed Heinmann, and Karrison as the scapegoats. So far in xG it's David Falt, and Phil Karn - but they will do it to you too. They use you. They screwed you out of $250k, and made you beg for it back. Just like they tried to shift the blame before:
    "Marc Dannenberg..."that man has tried to extort money from me several times, says Mooers""


    Keep jerking it, whisky dick.

  9. Oh by the way you drunken retard...I did tell Rick 9 years ago he owed me 100k. Thanks for worrying about it, bitch.

  10. 1) - the entire thing. Their paid monkeys, like you and Wahlman attacking them both.
    2) IN the same channels they insinuate that the Florida district court case of Hapoalim is about David Falt.
    3) 'Disgruntled former employee' - sound familiar.
    4) Rivals (like QComm)trying to steal their 'IP'!

    Marc: I can't be bothered looking for links to prove the obvious. You are looking like even more of an idiot today.

    Sold any tickets?

  11. "Rick knew it was a boiler room"
    "he was getting cents in the dollar"
    ...sound familiar?

    You stabbed each other in the back. He know you will do it again. If you dont know the same about him you are foolish.

  12. Drunk, I don´t know what the fuck you are talking about but here is something from Asympdodo, another anti xG idiot.

    xG Flash Signal dumped! Asymptote

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    Heads up! FCC approval has been granted for the base station.

    What is most interesting, is that the transmitted signal bears no similarity to previous versions. The six channels are six carriers which appear to be using some sort of phase modulation, judging by the spectrum plot.

    This means that they have finally thrown in the towel on their 'revolutionary technology', in all its different incarnations (I counted at least 4, including the original iDigi patents).

    We can take two things from this:

    1. As they are using conventional modulation methods they will need as many base stations as their competitors, so their much trumpeted less infrastructure advantage is no more.

    2. They may now, finally, have a system that actually works!

    Asympdodo, you fucking moron, I have to let the cat out of the bag. If you knew what the fuck you were doing, you would find on the FCC´s site an agreement of confidentiality not to expose certain aspects of xG´s system. Of course you did not do proper research.

  13. I have to add something...first you assholes say they don´t have FCC approval when EVERYONE involved with the co. knows they do, and sits back to laugh at you dumb fucking chickens running around without your they do but it doesn´t state the use of xG´s PROPRIETARY MODULATION TECHNIQUE, which you fuckwads imagine does not exist, except the FCC already granted CONFIDENTIALITY to those aspects of the tech that WARRANT it SUCH AS PROPRIETARY MODULATION fuckers are dumb as stumps.

  14. xG has no secrets that are of any value to anyone. It's their only way not to expose the scam. It's game over and they will run out of money by summer.

  15. Look at the SP. One dollar offer shows not a single soul on this planet believes a word of what they're saying - GAME FUCKING OVER


  16. 1 dollar offer MONKEY means 150 million USD...that´s a lot of underwear and shirts from your sweatshop you disgusting mongol dreg.

  17. 0.50 bid is 75Mio USD but you can't sell any volume at these prices. My target price in two months is 0.10 (15 Mio USD) but you won't be able to sell there either - GAME FUCKING OVER MAN!

  18. Dude, your target price is worth 5 times one pair of underwear that your grandma made.

    Who is selling, gook?

  19. You know as well as I do that everyone wants out of this if possible. The money lasts until summer and after that it's thanks and good bye. Problem is there are no it's a scam

  20. News flash for you, Marc:

    The FCC does NOT hold in confidence anything related to intentional radiation. If they were using proprietary modulation, it would have to be included in the public potion of the documentation by law. The whole point of publishing is to demonstrate the compliance of the radiated signal. Therefore under this FCC certification, there is NO single-cycle modulation, period. So as usual, you are wrong, and do not know what is actually going on in the company.

  21. Don´t know what you are on about, idiot, but I sold high baby, so I know EXACTLY WTF is going on in this company. To the point, idiot, the FCC has held info confidential that shows EXACTLY why xMax is not conventional. I don´t know what a public potion is, but you sure seem like you are in a hurry to make an asshole out of yourself. Only you know what intentional radiation has to do with a new modulation scheme, but here´s a news flash for you, idiot...

  22. By the way, you fucking wannabe morons, Hal Mordkofsky is probably the most well known FCC lawyer in the history of communications. Yeah, he ALWAYS submits documents to the FCC for fake companies....
    It´s not too late to kill yourselves.

  23. You guys are funny, why are you arguing? Have xG to show off what they got or shut up but we all know they have nothing and it is a simple scam.

  24. Fred, you dodo, I hope you are not a pro xG guy...this is taken from the actual paperwork on the FCC approval which I recommend you read...
    programmed to transmit a digitally modulated signal within the ISM band of 902 to 928 MHz using an XG proprietary modulation technique, was evaluated for compliance at the edges of the band of operation.

    Gee how amazing, I used the same exact language the FCC used...imagine that.

  25. Marc, you have once again proven yourself to be incompetent. You use the exact language but do not understand a bit of it. The air interface is proprietary only in that it does not comply with a public standard. It is clearly a phase-modulated, continuous, constant envelope (except for pulse shaping) signal. It is still proprietary, but it is NOT single cycle, it is NOT high-bandwidth nor high-speed, and it is nothing special.

    The point is it belies all of the previous claims the company made.

    Now could it support a few hundred VOIP calls? Definitely. Will it ever provide 4G speds or large cell radius? Never. Not even with a software upgrade. The channels are only 1.44MHz wide, so with guard bands, coding, etc., it will produce a channel payload of about 500 kbps, divided among about 16 VOIP subscribers. The capacity will be about 288 calls maximum, and if there are data channels they will be in the 10's of kilobits per second, the stuff of 2G. Those are the cold, hard technical facts based on both the FCC information and the BSN250 spec sheet, and neither you nor xG can spin your way out of that.

  26. Buddy, as for your first entire paragraph...WHO GIVES A FUCK?

    The rest of your bullshit is the same nonsense that misses the point of the entire system, you fucking dope.

    I´ll leave it there.

  27. Ok, I won´t leave it there. Moron, you have proved what xG has proved...talking on the phone is NOTHING SPECIAL. That´s why at 40 dollars per month for unlimited calls and SMS xMax is going to KILL the competition.

    Maybe you get it now?

  28. Actually, it does NOT miss the point. I was contrasting the CLAIMS xG have previously made (100 Mbps, 17-mile cells, etc.). THOSE are what attracted investors, and THOSE are NOT being delivered. Given the amount of basestations that will need to be deployed, the CAPEX will undoubtedly be higher than expected. OK, so you can delay ROI, that's fine. But 4G services will not be had on this hardware or protocol.

    As for $40/month, no way. You can get all that on a wide variety of 3G phones from MetroPCS for $35/ month and even local unlimited for $30. The Metro phone also have 3G data services, which xG do not. xG's data rate is less than dial up, for goodness' sake. AND those phones can roam to other CDMA carriers. xG can not, they can only go to WiFi hot spots in a non-mobile setting.

    So, as for viability, xG subscribers will have ONE phone to choose from that cannot roam, and they had better be charging more like $20 / month, and that's all up to whatever they can squeeze out of Telcentris.

    They might make a go of it, but they will not kill ANYONE. They will struggle just to get noticed.

    Maybe YOU get it now?

  29. Nope, weak counterargument, you lose I win. MetroPCS is an introductory offer..., and as you cannot read, xG are including a Mobile Switching Center to cut down on costs...YOU have no clue what is going on within the company, even though the info is public. Even 20 dollars a month is very doable brother...xG have NEVER said 4g will be their first offering. You are begging, brother...all in due time. I see you DO get it...
    Cell is DEAD. 4g is an unaffordable dream as you know it.

  30. Marc 23/10/07: "That´s not smart, Beer, that´s gutless...why would I invest in a co. for so long and sell before their first product is launched"

    Marc 1/4/09: "Don´t know what you are on about, idiot, but I sold high baby, so I know EXACTLY WTF is going on in this company. "


  31. Moron, I sold high AND BOUGHT BACK LOWER. Why you care what I do with my cash is beyond me?

    Ok, tell you what, I changed my position. What the FUCK are you going to do about it?

    You´re a drunk and a shitty Private Dick!

  32. Sorry, Marc, but my argument is quite strong. even at the same price, Metro is a much better offering, and far more usable for far more people. As for who wins, this is not a contest between you and I. I enjoy seeing new technologies emerge and small companies succeed, but once technical data is available, you need to analyze it to counter the hype. xG has NEVER said they were going to start with a non-4G offering, and their web site has touted their advanced technology for years, so that was absolutely misleading since they must have been working on this technology for close to a year now. Also, they recently claimed in the Financial Times that they would provide 100 Mbps in 2009, which is clearly not going to happen. It even remains to be seen if the technology they have reverted to will be deployed successfully this year at all.

    At $20 a month, it should fly, but only for subscribers who can tolerate the limitations of non-roaming and the unpredictable Quality of Service that will exist for any service in public spectrum. And will anyone be making money at that rate?

  33. Wow, you are being a bit harsh there buddy on a fledgling tech.
    What´s with the infatuation of roaming? Once the network is fully built, there will be roaming.

    What type of retard believes website hype? Especially since right next to the hype it says "coming soon"...yeah, let´s count on that.

  34. Well, whether or not I believe the web site is immaterial. It's a matter of what the major investors believed. If they were investing in single-cycle and all of its supposed benefits, then they lost. If they were investing in a low-density mobile VOIP system, well then they may be all right in a couple of years. If they've been waiting around for 9 years, they may be getting a bit restless, though, because there is an enormous gulf between what was promised and what is being delivered.

    As for roaming, it is key. If it is initially deployed only in South Florida, then subscribers won't travel well with the phone. It would have been wiser to include a cheap GSM chipset in the TX60, and perhaps they eventually will. Not having it limits the population of potential subscribers in the early going.

  35. Ok Genius, thanks for that. Don´t you think the investors know what is going on?
    Do you think you know MORE than the investors?
    Why are you feeling the need to "feel" any investor disappointment?
    Can you show me any company investors are not disappointed in?

  36. Guys I think you're both missing the point. xG isn't about Telecoms.

    If it was about Telecoms they'd have a Telecoms guy on the board. The whole purpose of xG is a stock scam - that's why they have Five stock dealers on the board. And all five have dubious backgrounds.

    The technology is just a sideshow. They knew they had nothing special, because they never showed any real life tests.

  37. Really Retard, Why would they have a Telecoms guy on the Board before they had a product?

    Yeah, let´s take business advice from a drunken ex grunt turned bar owner who got fucked out of his share of the dive.

  38. "Why would they have a Telecoms guy on the Board before they had a product?" - Ehrm, maybe to give some advice on how to build and commercialise a telco network.....

    Another thing that seems to go be a pattern with xG morons. Marc has an imported wife and the Bohman guy went the same route with an Eastern European I understood - what a pathetic bunch of losers.

  39. Gook, you run a SWEATSHOP!!! How stereotypical is THAT??? A Gook running a you fix TV´s as well?

  40. How is it possible that your IQ goes down day by day. Must be your total frustration knowing you're fucked all over. Poor little loser. The SP had good run yesterday after this excellent report, new ALL TIME LOW........again

  41. Hey fuckwad, the second market maker went home because of the riots in London, you stupid yellow little gook.

    Damn you´re a fucking moron.
    Numbah 3 with flied lice prease?

  42. I think your family runs a fruitstand, chinky.

  43. Ahhhhh, the SP went down because the market maker went home. Now I understand.

    Exactly how stupid are you?
    1. No telco people on the board because they have no product
    2. The SP went down because the market maker went home

    Are you five years old?

  44. Only communists are forced to work during a riot.
    You´re a fucking moron.
    Check the volumes douchebag

  45. Exactly, a "fantastic" report but no volume and the SP goes down to a new all time low - that's excellent if you're bearish.

    I remember when Fredrick(Paradigmshift) asked when the bears would shut up. Was it at 10, 20, 50, 100? Well, when will you few remaining fools turn silent? At 0.25? 0.1? At 0.1, where we will be in a few months I think you're all alone Marc

  46. You are infatuated with share price, you fucking dope. You are one of 2 billion gooks who don´t know their ass from their elbow.

  47. Marc, is the market maker still at home today?

    Well, the company is listed and the SP shows the market's reactions. In this case negative but that's always the case with xG as they are getting nowhere and are just delivering BS in their press releases

  48. Marc 2007 - "The co is $15.50 a share - it's worth $2Bn, so of course the tech works"

    Marc 2009 - "You are infatuated with share price, you fucking dope"

  49. Drunk thanks for proving my point...the TECH WORKS at 15.50 and at .50.

    Can you say "buying opportunity"?

  50. Umm, NO Marc. By your very own logic the share price is $0.50 because the tech DOESN'T work (at least as originally advertised).

    Can you say "criminally misleading"?

  51. Only criminals here drunk are Okey, his son, and Fait, your lover.

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  53. As I mentioned in on your other side, I'm now the newest target for Marc. We are trading several emails a day and he is threatening my business, my family, my friends, and anybody else he can think of. So, John, you and Phil Karn aren't alone. This boy is seriously in need of an anger management class.

    What I can't figure out is how the board of directors can allow this psycho to represent them. I'll have to make some calls on Monday.