Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mats and Palmi Email

A chap called Tom commented on my last post about Palmi Sigmarsson. He says Palmi isn’t at all ruthless, is kind to animals, and regularly helps old ladies across the street – before blowing their hard earned pension on iDodgy shares.

But Tom does have a point - I do not know Palmi at all. In order to address this issue I have invited Palmi to comment on the post, and I’ve cc’d Mats so he can see how nicely I write about him. Email sent just now:

from John Prescott
date Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 11:20 AM
subject Sales of restricted xG Shares.

hide details 11:20 AM (0 minutes ago)

Dear Mr Sigmarsson,

I write a blog about xG Technology. My last post was about you selling xG Technology shares whilst they were under restriction, via an unregulated stock dealer, and at around half the then market price. I thought it only fair to give you the chance to reply, and would welcome your input into the discussion. I promise to post your reply without editing on the blog.

You will find the post here:

Yours Sincerely,

John Prescott.


  1. Holy Fuck, Drunk, you are really really a desperate sod. You´re a sucker, bro.

  2. Hi, here is what Palmi should reply.
    I´m sure he´s more subtle than I am-.
    Dear Drunk

    Suck my dick you obsessed fucking loser. I know you have no money and no life and that is why you obsess about the wealthy folks around xG. In your entire life, and the life of your kin, you will never accumulate as much wealth as the people you post about.
    My advice to you is to stop drinking and grow a pair of balls. Other than that, I spit on people like you on a daily are a peon and that´s all you´ll ever be. You are obviously trying to cling on to something for your 15 minutes. Indeed, you know you are no more significant than a fly on the ass of an elephant.

  3. Great John, let's see if these guys have any guts and want to comment this in public.

    Isn't Marc starting to sound like a broken record?

  4. Wow, I´m starting to sound like a broken record when you obsessed freaks have vomited the same crap for 3 years straight...that is priceless, brother.

  5. "you obsessed freaks have vomited the same crap for 3 years straight"

    Yes, the xG supporters do sound like a broken record.

    All those deals that turned out to be fictitious. All those sales that turned out to be nonexistent. That amazing 20x performance that never materialized. It got old a long time ago.

    But the collapse of the share price seems to have shut most of them up now. Even their loudest promoter, an obnoxious bloke named Marc, has moved on. He's now trying to talk New York Mets fans into investing in a plan to buy the team. Lucky for them, his reputation precedes him.

  6. If it got old a long time ago, why the fuck are you still obsessing about the co. and its investors. Are you a habitual masturbator?

    No, you´re just a sucker.

  7. Hi Douchebag, Is it that you are a fucking retard, you act retarded, or is it just a reading deficiency we are dealing with. Looks to me like the supporters are speaking with their wallet, you fucking obsessed mutt.

    Can´t wait to step directly on your throat.

    Company has received a deposit cheque on behalf of Spartan Mullen for $1,000,000 towards the total $6,000,000 subscription price and Spartan Mullen has subsequently agreed to pay the Company interest at the rate of 8% per annum on the remaining balance until payment is made in full. The Company has received repeated assurances from Spartan Mullen that it is committed to completing the investment in the immediate near term and building a strong long-term relationship with the Company. The Company will update the market accordingly as further monies are received.

    Guy de Chimay, Director of Spartan Mullen & Cie S.A., commented: "xG presents an outstanding investment opportunity. We have been buying shares in the open market for some time with only limited success owing to the lack of market liquidity. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to be able now to purchase a large block of stock from the Company. We believe that the prospects for the Company are exceptionally attractive and, consequently, we have no hesitation in investing at a substantial premium to the Company's recent share price. We are also delighted to have the right to purchase more shares in the Company going forward under the options granted to Spartan Mullen & Cie S.A."

    Larry Townes, Chairman and CEO of Townes, commented: "We are extremely excited about the prospect of a successful business relationship with xG and the 'last mile' solution utilizing mobile VOIP and mobile Broadband. xG's technology promises to be the wireless solution needed by us and other ILECs in the U.S. and we are confident that we will present a formidable marketplace force with this innovative technology

  8. Oh and wait you fucking dickhead, first you say xG supporters are gone, then you say they sound like a broken record.

    Holy fuck, I know for a fact every single anti xG jackoff is mentally and or physically disabled. Too bad.

  9. And DAMN you are so obsessed with day I will let you lick my ass, anon.

  10. Ok, here is the question, do we believe a billionaire, a wealthy hedge fund owner who has ties to the royal family of Belgium and a well respected telecoms head, or a gook a drunk a geek and a handful of anon obsessed freaks...make your choice.

  11. Let me comment first on that.
    I´ll take xG´s side every freaking day and twice on Sunday against you 5 retards.

  12. I do have to add that I am very frustrated about my Mets sucking it up with their injuries and bad play...that´s probably why I´m taking it out on you assholes.

  13. Marcidiotguy, you are very very stupid and why you defend humbug company XG? XG is fraud and idioitguys posting about xG are stupid and Marcidiot is the most stupid. Vlad hope he shit himself and someone kick his ass. Must be many people hating Marcidiot for saying XG is good when is humbug

  14. Let's see, 10 out of the 12 posts so far are from the same guy, most separated by two minutes, and he has the nerve to call other people obsesed freaks? What a joke.

  15. I knew one of you retards would comment on how many posts I made...who the fuck cares douchebag...I´m watching my Mets. I own shares of the company you are obsessing about. I could care less about the shares or shit you own or don´t are obsessed with me and I am fucking with you.

    Eat shit, anon dreg.

    Vlad, all you fucking morons do is wish and hope someone else does something for you, whether it´s a lawsuit or an asskicking...I never met so many gutless pissants at one time.


  16. Matter of fact, anon, here´s another post during the commercial...maybe I´ll post during all the love me and my investments and I don´t care if you live or die..although if I had my choice I know what I would decide.

  17. Hohoho, Marcidiotguy must have brain damage or drinking too much. Marcguy must be sick Vlad think. Very very sick in head. Marcidiotguy, baseball no is sport, is drinking competition for old fat men. Vlad understand why you see baseball, stupid guy and stupid hobby.

  18. Likely thoughts from a man who lives in a country that has 3 days of sun.

    Old fat guys make 30 million a year. Nice hobby.

  19. Wow, you are a genuine psycho. This is the first time I've eve read this (or any) blog about this xG company, and you think I"M obsessed, about YOU? I could give a rat's ass about you. What are you, a fucking 12-year old? I have no idea who you are, nor do I care. All I know is that of all the posts I've read, yours make the least sense. All you do is attack the other posters. You bring absolutely nothing of value to the conversation.

    And by the way, the only place the Mets are going is home in October. They reek.

  20. ooooooo I´m so so very scary. Well buddy, I have a psych degree, and WRONG AGAIN! I´m almost 40, never killed anyone, never hurt or attacked anyone in REALITY, which is an important distinction you obsessed anon....never been to jail, I don´t have any type of grades throughout school were great, I have tons of, you can call me what you like anon dickhead...and if this is your first time, welcome aboard, from the looks of things you´re the type of asshole that will fit right in. I attack people on a blog that has been SET UP to attack me, my investments, and anyone involved? Holy crap, you catapulted to the leader board of assholes with that.

    As far as the Mets go...for once you are right, nothing like stating the bleeping obvious, new anon dreg.

  21. Wow! Easy to push your buttons, you walking ego trip. I can see the drool on your chin and the steam coming out of your ears while you type. Nice resume, I doubt any of it is true, nor do I give a shit. I've seen your type on the internet before. Mindless stock promoter. You have shares in this company and attack anyone who says anything negative about the company, regardless of how true it is or not. Enough said. Calling a first-time poster "obsessed" or a "dreg" pretty much sums you up. I won't be wasting any time with you any longer. Hopefully other people will have something informative to say, since you are clearly a dishonest raging lunatic.

  22. Oh, now you´re just pushing my buttons.
    As well, you are fantasizing about my mood.
    Yep, you definitely fit right in. I´m right again.
    Yeah, look for that something informative on a blog that was made to bash the company. That´s bright...buh bye now. Oh, wait...I´m a mindless stock promoter over 10 years.
    First time poster? What is this, a talk radio show? You sure didn´t waste any time showing your stupidity. I actually like that.

  23. Oh, and I have 4 live dogs, no animals or people buried in the far as psychos go, I´m pretty lame.

    What I am is an absolute hater of stupidity.
    There is plenty of that around.

  24. since you are clearly a dishonest raging lunatic.


    Suck it, new anon bitch.

  25. The point, you venom-spewing fool, is that if this is the first time I posted on this blog, and I only heard of this company a week ago in an article about unlicensed spectrum, then you have no reason to call me "obsessed", and you most certainly cannot call me either a "dreg" or "stupid". I assure you neither is true. And while it is obvious based on the name of this blog that it is set up to attack the company, it is nevertheless part of what you read when researching a company, and I take what is written here with a grain of salt. But these are strong accusations, and I seriously doubt they are simply fabricated out of whole cloth. Furthermore, your replies to my posts prove my point! Attack the poster, avoid the subject! OK, now I'm done with you.

  26. Buddy, there are NO accusations. There ARE gutless posts and blogs about this company.
    If there were any accusations, certainly after years of this nonsense, some official path would be followed. What is the subject? Is there a subject? Ok, they are not fabricated out of cloth? I happen to know that they are. Now what do we do?

  27. Finally! A civil tongue. The subject is whether or not xG shares were sold while they were restricted, in one case to an American, which would be illegal on both counts. I don't know about them being restricted, but I believe you said yourself that Okey (I assume this is the Okey Rawson of the Far Reach dealership I read about) bought and sold shares. Well, he is American, and this is an AIM-listed company, so by your own admission, that in and of itself was illegal. That bit alone makes one think that other illegal activities went on as well. It raises the question of whther or not that is what this company is all about. Point well taken, thoguh, regarding why no one has taken these scores of accusations to the authorities. That's a good question for the owner of this blog, who seems to have gone to a lot of trouble here.

  28. Listen to me closely now, because I have the feeling you might miss this...Guardian is a SEPERATE ENTITY. There are 3 million and change shares of xG owned by Guardian, and all of them are owned by small shareholders. Palmi owns no Guardian shares and therefore cannot sell any. I know ALL the buyers and sellers, after all it was me who put together the transaction. Of course you can believe what you like. If it was xG shares the name of the company would be xG. Guardian is made up of old iDigi shares, and there are no laws against buying or selling Guardian shares.

    Secondly, Palmi has not been a board director ever for Guardian. That´s a lie. There are many other lies. Guardian owns shares of what now is xG, and selling Guardian shares is perfectly beautifully fine. I do hope you get that. I can´t see how someone selling private shares after holding them for 10 years leads anyone to believe anything is wrong with a company another company owns shares of.

  29. xG is a scam no matter from what angel you look at it. The company has no tech, no money and idiots running and supporting it.

  30. I look at it from the Angel Michael...gook, you know what I like, you are not shy at all about showing how dumb you are...I know for a fact you, as dumb as you are, are not the dumbest. That is funny.

  31. What's interesting with Mr Prescott's posts is that none of the vocal supporters have managed to prove anything wrong.

    None of the people covered have commented on it - if it was lies they would definitely do that

    xG hasn't said a word even though it's a listed company that should protect their shareholders and defend themselves from false accusations.

    All in all this Prescott is spot on in his blog

    Spots, are you seeing spots?

  32. Pointing out spelling errors made by non-English posters is all you have left. You're a poor and ill old fat man with no future and I can understand your desperation. You don't have much of a future but I'm not sure you've realised that yet.

  33. Ok, you can´t spell but you understand exactly what is happening with the greatest communication advance in 100 years. Sure, makes sense. Huang, how did your Momma San like my pick...sticky fingers?

  34. I see what happens with xG, yes. I'm looking at a giant crash here that is a result of some not so very nice financial activities....

    Marc, can you inform us how xG's walkie talkie business is developing? Any NDAs signed with Toys ´R Us?

  35. Wow. Just wow.

    I've seen investors totally lose it when they've lost their shirts to obvious scams, but Mostknownothing really takes the cake.

    Chill out, dude! Either go after the people who ripped you off or accept your losses and move on. Lashing out at the people laughing at you does nothing but make them laugh harder.

  36. Actually Mostknownothing's explanation regarding the Guardian shares is the first informative thing I've picked up here! When he's not ranting, he can be helpful. As for the greatest comm advance in 100 years, well that it is not. I still think it can be a viable technology to provide low-cost mobile telephony. I know what they set out to do, it didn't work, and what they've been developing for the last 18 months should provide mobile VOIP service with some degree of success, and without the need to spend $$ on spectrum and MSC's. Operating in unlicensed spectrum will always prevent them from guaranteeing quality of service, but statistically, their availability, especially in rural settings whould be adequate. Their data rate, however, based on the BSN250 spec sheet and the FCC filing, will be on the order of GPRS or less, which is fine for texting, email, and WAP browsing. All in all, they seem to be making progress, even if their pie-in-the sky promises from several years ago aren't delivered. They didn't need them to make a working product. I say they have a chance. I hope someone takes them up on their offer to trial their demo systems.

  37. Buddy, the trial is happening right now. I can´t trust that you know what you´re talking about if you deny that. Here is the most important thing you are missing...xG is a TECH company, not a PHONE company...they chose VOIP because of its tremendous difficulty. They have NOT given up on anything. Why would they ask and receive FCC confidentiality? Here´s another point, Chester, I thought you were new, you seem to think you know an awful lot about what´s happening.

    As for the other moron, as far as anon bashers, you don´t rank. Bid is up, and the co. is worth over 100 million dollars...does that sound like anyone has been taken to the cleaners? Hey moron, don´t let the facts get in your way.

  38. Cthulhu...let´s bet that I make hundreds of millions of dollars off xG, and when I do, I want to produce your suicide on line.


    I love it when ramblings pissants are so arrogant in their idiocy.

  39. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I know the trial with Townes is happening. I was referring to their offer to journalists and analysts to visit their site and try it out. As for the technology, I do indeed know what I am talking about. I didn't say they gave up, just that what they are developing at this time is what it is, and is NOT capable of delivering their original promises. If they want to deliver any more, it will NOT be with their current hardware or protocol. All the information one needs is publically available and for someone with good technical knowledge, it is straightforward to analyze. The FCC confidentiality only protects their schematics and theory of operation, but that is not really necessary for seeing what their sgnalling scheme and power levels are. Anyway, none of this precludes them from doing something in the future which will deliver higher sppeds and/or better range. What they have now is a good strategic move, though: get phone calls going so that you can get early testing and commercialization going. Cheap phone calls is a good market over the next few years. I'm somewhat bullish on the company, and do not think it is a scam at all.

  40. Chester, you don't think it's a scam? What do you call raising money and pushing the share price by presenting lies like: the technology, customers, high demand, launch, roll-out, deals, name dropping etc etc?

    If that's not a scam I don't know what is and it's disgusting!

  41. Ok Chester, fair enough.
    Hi Gook, how are you feeling?

  42. Feeling fine, just waiting for xG to announce that an exclusive NDA has been signed with Toys ´r us - these guys have nothing and they're generally known to be liars and assholes.

    Instead of waiting for a useless trial with Townes I'm waiting for the first shareholder to sue the shit out of them

  43. What will come first, a lawsuit or you committing hari kari?

  44. Check this post out on iii by another peasant retard (for lack of a better word)

    Regardless whether xMax works or not, I find it pathetic that xGT uses Urgent Communications, a publication with a total of 32.422 subscribers in the Public Safety industry, to reveal the following:

    "In addition to the traditional, cellular-like base stations, xG is developing micro base stations that are designed to cover a residential block for $100 and mini base stations that would provide three or four times more coverage, Bobier said. And the low-power characteristic of the xMAX system is allowing the company to develop base stations that would be powered solely by solar energy, he [Joe Bobier] said."

    A witness to the sad state of affairs at this company.

    Hey John, what does it say about the morons and idiots that believe something posted on an irrelevant blog read by 10 people like this one.

    Donny at Urgent Comm has been a long time interested party of xG. You´re a sucker, bro...nitpicking at what will be a 5 ton elephant while you remain a flea.

  45. Call it what you want, my friend, but to me this is yet another example of how utterly incompetent the management of this company is.

    My intent was not to put down "Donny" or his magazine - Urgent Communications is probably a fine publication.

    But who on earth would dream of announcing something like the above in a comment to a trade rag reaching 32.422 subscribers? And then not make any references to these grand plans on their website, nor informing the market about the value thereof to customers and end users?

    xGT may have developed a breakthrough technology (time will tell), but they are certified imbeciles when it comes to communicating with the market.

  46. Johnny, they might be incompetent but they run a 100 million dollar company while you sit there trying to balance a checkbook on your 80k a year salary.

  47. Then we agree: they are incompetent certified imbaciles that run a 100 million dollar company ;)

  48. certified? I think you are more certifiable than they don´t see them obsessing over your nonsense for years straight. How do you spell imbecile? Not shy at all about your "problem".

  49. "Then we agree: they are incompetent certified imbaciles that run a 100 million dollar company ;)"

    Agreed and very very funny

  50. Sometimes it's completely intentional that a company releases price sensitive information via third-party news outlets, interviews, and message board touts, rather than via regulatory filings or the company's own publications or websites.

  51. So now Joe is pushing "micro" base stations that, gosh, can even be solar powered -- like everything else in my house?

    He better hurry before the press learns about the femtocells that Verizon and Sprint have had on the market for several years. Or even those newfangled boxes some call "WiFi Base Stations".

    Maybe one really can base a business model on the ignorance of the press. It has certainly worked so far for XGT.

  52. "xG is a TECH company, not a PHONE company...they chose VOIP because of its tremendous difficulty."

    Right. That's why Vonage and any number of independent phone services chose VoIP. They really felt they needed a challenge. That must also be why Sprint and Verizon use it with their femtocells. Regular cellular telephony is just far too simple and easy.

  53. EWWWWWWW Get the Lysol out, it´s the disgusting low level Qualcomm geek.

    Hey dummy, is Vonage mobile you dumb disgusting pile of vomit?

  54. Philthy Karn, you are the most disgusting human alive. Joe Bobier has more smarts in one follicle of hair than you have in generations of Ugly Karns...pathetic that you can even mention Joe´s name without some type of penalty...then again, look at you, maybe that´s penalty enough.

  55. Oh and Phil, it is a true sign that there is a God that you and fatty couldn´t reproduce.

  56. Is Vonage mobile? Sure! Just run it over a wireless Internet access service.

    Any VoIP carrier can be used with any sufficiently fast Internet access service; Vonage is merely the best known.

    It might well be "tremendously difficult" for xG, but VoIP is popular precisely because it's so simple and flexible.

    Of course, knowing nothing about communications or networking you swallow xG's excuses whole. Or maybe you're looking at serious jail time and are getting desperate. Or both.

  57. Well, ka9q, I don't mean to quibble, but WiFi is not really mobile. It won't support vehicular speeds, sufficient range, or handoffs. Also, it has a fairly high monitoring cycle, so the standby battery life of a small mobile device would be quite limited. Finally, 2.4 GHz has higher propagation loss than 900 MHz and poor building penetration. So I can see the need for designing from the ground up. If it were me, I would have adapted WiMAX, but the range of that would probably be small at 1 Watt due to the high peak / average ratio of OFDM.

    The disadvantage, of course, of a proprietary system is that the early base stations and handsets will be made of off-the-shelf parts making them large and expensive, not to mention difficult to mass produce. Custom silicon would have to be created to lower the cost, but you would have to wait for the volumes (and have the multi-megabucks)to develop the parts. Take a look at that BSN250 spec sheet, it's HUGE, and at $75k a pop, not yet nearly cheap enough. the handset seems to be a nice size, though.

    All solvable problems, given some early commercial success. So it comes down to the patience of the major investors and the success they have in a populated area in the presence of external interferers that you face in public spectrum. I'm looking forward to see how they do. The need to get to a medium size network with a couple hundred phones generating traffic in a suburban setting before they can claim any sort of success.

    I read Joe Bobier's comment about handoff being easy, and it is with what I am guessing is two towers and one phone. I mean you have to START there, and I'm glad it worked, but that is a trivial case. They have to be more judicious in claiming success. They need to test at extreme loading and worst-case scenarios before they can even start a beta network.

  58. More likely they chose VOIP for its low bandwidth requirements and the inability for the end user to evaluate the real network speed.

    Unless I'm mistaken, up to March 2006 they were all about wireless broadband, transmitting video and data, etc. After March 2006 it's been all about VOIP, with wireless broadband supposedly to follow on later.

    I suspect March 2006 is about when they finally realized Bobier's speed claims were BS and they determined that a single user downloading a music album or a movie would bring a BTS to its knees and would find the actual transfer rates less than impressive.

    Restrict each user to a tiny sliver of bandwidth (Vonage's "normal" mode is 30 kbps), and you could serve multiple people and nobody could tie up the entire BTS.

    Think about it. An xMax "hotspot" would be the starting point. VOIP would come later, only after the basic IP communication is working, total capacity is proven, etc. The excuses for starting with VOIP just don't pass the sniff test.

  59. Chester, you're quite right that WiFi's not really mobile. But I wasn't really thinking about WiFi but rather the cellular Internet access services like 1xEVDO, HSDPA, etc. There's no technical reason they can't handle VoIP. Some carriers don't like it but I think they'll eventually have to back down.

    If Joe Bobier says handoff is "easy", that's just another confirmation of the man's incompetence. I know what's involved in making CDMA handoff work, and it's easier in CDMA than in most other technologies.

    Cthulhu, I think you're on target for why xG chose VoIP. It's the easiest way to run voice over an arbitrary Internet access service. It's also a trendy term.

  60. Phil, you will be called pretty before I go to jail.

    Was mobile VOIP trendy 3 years ago?
    Moron, I don´t know any end user who gives a fuck about the speed of their phone call.

    LOLOLOLOLOL you ugly mutt Karn...some carriers don´t like to cannabalize their revenues? Gee, I was wrong, you ARE a fucking genius.

    Oh my God Ugly Phil Karn, you should just kill yourself.

  61. Ugly Phil, your wife will be a single digit waist size before I go to jail. So many things will happen before that...Jesus coming down, a Nuclear War....

    Ugly Phil, you know nothing about communications among everything else. As I said before, but you can´t read, Joe has more smarts in one of his farts than you have in your entire genetic structure.
    You´re a simple ugly dummy, Phil Karn

  62. I suspect March 2006 is about when they finally realized Bobier's speed claims were BS and they determined that a single user downloading a music album or a movie would bring a BTS to its knees and would find the actual transfer rates less than impressive.

    Really dodo? You think some hick in buttfuck Arkansas is going to complain about the time it takes to download something from the internet on his mobile when he had to run out to a pay phone just to make a call before xMax appeared? You assholes are sooooo small minded, it´s amazing you can breathe regularly without a freaking alarm.

  63. Phil Ugly Karn from Qualcomm wants to give blowjobs to the xG staff. I´m just wondering if he´ll spit or swallow.


    Hey Dummies, here is something everyone can understand.

    Same Range+Less Power+more capacity+no spectrum costs+every communication technique will be made better=a gazillion dollars for everyone involved.

    Having said that, I understand why some of you are obsessed.

  65. The voipplanet article is the same old xG crap served up to credulous reporters. Because the magazine is about VoIP, the reporters don't seem to know much about radio. xG seems to seek out reporters like those...

    ONE phone call over 2.5 miles from a 100' tower running 1 watt? Wow, that's really impressive. Why, we hams couldn't do that with our 2m repeater autopatches until, oh, 1969 or so.

  66. Hundreds at a time. You are ugly and dumb and not shy, that´s a combo that equals living abortion. When´s the suicide? After you suck off the xG Team I hope.

  67. Philthy Horrid Karn ever hear of Cambridge?
    I think they know a little something about radio. Ugly Phil, you couldn´t get a job at xG nor Cambridge...maybe, just maybe you could work at Far Reach with the inbred hicks. Hey, there you would be considered almost normal...almost.

  68. "I don´t know any end user who gives a fuck about the speed of their phone call."

    Precisely my point.

    If you allow the user to stream video, download music, send pictures, etc., the speed limitation of your network becomes immediately obvious.

    But if you restrict each user to a maximum of 30 kbps (far less than dial-up) and restrict access to only your proprietary handsets, you can hide the speed limitation of your network.

    "You think some hick in buttfuck Arkansas is going to complain about the time it takes to download something from the internet on his mobile"

    If he finds that it takes 45 minutes to download a single 3-minute song (and can't make/receive calls while doing so), yes. And I believe that is why xG is going with VOIP rather than general broadband access.

  69. Nope, not at all. They are going with MOBILE VOIP because it´s the toughest most lucrative application for their tech. Let me ask you you believe this is their best device, or that it is their first device?

  70. Does anybody know the antennas being used for these 1 watt/100' tower/2.5 mile tests? It would be interesting to compare xG's claims with the theoretical link capacity and what could be done with some commodity WiFi modules.

  71. "They are going with MOBILE VOIP because it´s the toughest most lucrative application for their tech"

    Hilarious. As Cthulhu said, it's about the least demanding in terms of link speed per user.

    And given the existing competition, not likely lucrative at all. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon seem to be saturating the airwaves with ads for their cellular Internet access services. I think that says something about where they think the market is.

  72. "Let me ask you you believe this is their best device, or that it is their first device?"

    It would appear it is their *only* device. And even then, it's not available to the general consumer.

    If xG has an impressive technology, they're doing an excellent job hiding it.

  73. Dude, it´s their first device.
    What´s up with you?
    What have you done so well that allows you to demand perfection from anyone or anything else? It´s not available to the general consumer until it is. What´s your point?

  74. If they are doing an impressive job at hiding it, why are you constantly sniffing their underwear?