Thursday, 3 September 2009

Déjà Vu all over again

Nothing much seems to change over at South Pineapple Avenue. Still scamming. Still lying to the stockmarket. Still pretending that 'any day now' they'll launch a revolutionary 'phone. And still getting folks (like me) kicked off the boards...

Anyhoo. there's a few nice new details to keep me entertained. Firstly Johan Bohman has always fascinated me. He is after all the sole reason that xG are still in business. How can one man have so much money, but be so stupid with it? Obviously as we have seen elsewhere on this blog he was conned into investing in xG by our very own Fredrik Wahlman (shyster, unregulated stock-promoter) - whilst they were both on the piss in Bangkok. Now that he's sobered up, and realized what an enormous fuck-up he's made it seems like Johan and Fredrik aren't buddies anymore. When the Treco website was originally made live, the sole representative was our buddy Fredrik. Now look on the Treco site and Fred's name is nowhere to be seen.

But it gets stranger. Perhaps Johan hit the bottle again after getting rid of Fred because who did he turn to to ensure strong honest leadership at Treco? He needed someone reliable. Someone with an outstanding reputation. Marc Dannenberg was busy polishing his head so in June, Victor Suno - an ex-ACH dodgy dealing, stock manipulating arsehole - who also happened to be a xG board member, was named on Treco's site as their representative.

Well that didn't last long! A month or so later and Victor's gone too! Looks like the only people that Johan could find were a random Krav Magna instructor(!), a Welsh bloke, and Richard Kromka. Poor old Fred, poor old Victor, well I suppose they can burn their xG option certificates to keep them warm on the cold winter nights.

But Johan seems to be having even more problems than just the Treco affair. Not least that he's realized his investment in xG is next to worthless, his name is also being splashed all over the Swedish press in a less than favourable manner. We read at Affairsvarden that:

Billionaire Johan Bohman's asset management company, Green Stream Investment Services, violated both the Companies Act and the FSA regulations for years. [If the] Inspectorate had known the truth, the company had received its license revoked.

It seems like he was doing extremely risky deals with money that a CHURCH had invested with him - in violation of the wishes of the church for safe, secure, investments. When Green Steam went bankrupt the church took a huge hit.

In an eerie-echo of Palmi Sigmarrsons' company Spectra Holdings, Green Stream were operating at way, way below the minimum capital requirements to conduct such a business. They illegally covered this up to the authorities, and the shit is only just hitting the fan now. Palmi on the other hand wasn't quite so successful at lying and the authorities caught up with Spectra.

Worse than that Johan blatantly stole around 8 Million from investors! He valued a nearly worthless part of his business at 8 million, sold it to another part of his business, and pocketed the entire amount himself.

There seems to be no corner, no crevice, of xG Technology that doesn't stink of fraud.


  1. Prescott,

    I'm happy to see you posting again. This was great fun!

  2. Thank you John, please update this blog more often if possible.

    Interesting and entertaining post!

  3. mmmm....slurp slurp...oh I´m coming....take it all, David Blake! you know you like it!

  4. They're making it up as they go along! Now we have 100 dollar base stations (I guess that's a badged Netgear router) and solar power. Next up: Star Trek style transporter beams and a thousand mile 4G range powered by a potato.

  5. Why don´t you ask the FCC, you jealous wannabe geek anon?
    They can, you can´t, you cry typical is that behavior. Pathetic.

  6. Let me ask you disgusting anon clinger ons something...who is going to be first on their knees...I say it´s the following...

    Phil Karn ( He will blow Bobier)
    Beerson ( He will swallow my jizz)
    Drunken David Blake (He will die of liver cancer)
    Yellow Huang Dongh ( He will bend for Sentec)
    The other no names will do the train.

    You guys are about to have Cause of Freakout known to all. I will enjoy your heads exploding at once...gonna be a lot of fun.

    Marconi, if you can´t do it, make fun of it, right?

  7. HO HO, I sometimes check this shit fraud company out and I see now the humbug company is at 50 cent. I remember Parashitheadguy say Vlad idiot selling for 8 dollars and now Vlad can buy 16 times many shares. I also remember Marcveryverystupidguy saying same and saying Vlad go to hell. Where is Para and Marc now? Who is stupid? Who should shut up?

    Vlad never buy shares in humbug shittalking company XG Tech but Vlad would like to meet stupid idiots Parashit and Marcshit

  8. I though you bought shares, now you are saying you never bought shares...not only are you a dummy, but you´re a fit right in with the brain dead anti xG brigade.

  9. Vlad, one more thing you dumb bunny, how did you like that move from .50 to 3.25 recently. I did, a LOT.

    Hmmm....let´s do some math, Vladdy...5-17 as compared to .50 to 3.25....which is more in percentage gains? That just happened brother. Too bad you are too stupid to make any money even when you are up the company´s ass for years. Hilarious!!!

  10. Hey Drunk thanks for starting this up again, it´s so enjoyable to make fun of the absolute idiots in your anti xG gang.

  11. Mr Dannenberg, we're talking about the move from 17 to 0.50. This company is dead and gone and now it's all about seeing at what price they file for bankruptcy

  12. No Donger, I´m talking about the move from .27 to 18, and the move from .50 to 3.25.
    If you can round your eyes out for a sec, you can see those are MUCH bigger gains than the move you are talking about.

  13. Mostknownothingidiot I guess is Marcidiotguy? Vlad had many shares and sold for 8 but will never buy shithumbugXG again. Marcidiotguy never learn to shut big stupid mouth from saying idiot things. Marcguy, if you see Vlad you should opposite way.

    Vlad is smart investor but Marcguy and Parashitsguy look like retardbabyinvestortype.

    Marcguy, where is Parashitheadguy?

  14. First move you're talking about is driven by boiler room tactics and lies lies lies. Second move is what we call more share price manipulation.

    Vlad, you're a genius and the assholes running and backing xG are most likely criminals

  15. Vladdy yep, you are a certain buy at 7, you don´t sell at 17 and you sell at 3...then the stock goes to 3.25 from .50...a real Warren Buffett.

    Donger, you are talking about moves driven by 3 freaks of nature.

    You guys are losers, bro.

  16. Marcidiotshit, Vlad sold for 8 American shit dollars and stock never was higher afterwards. You said to Vlad on other forum not to sell and Vlad was idiot. Look now who is the idiot. A very very big idiot with big mouth but small brain. That is you Marcnobrainguy. Do you want Vlad to come and meet you and talk XG.

    Now Marcnobrainguy, where is Parashitheadfreak?

  17. Dude, you made NO money.
    Honestly, I love it when people lose money. More for me.

    I don´t care if you sold, brother, not at all.
    I can´t believe you lost money, I made money and you have the audacity to talk down to me.
    LOL, you´re a loser, your country is have another drink of paint thinner red man.

  18. Marc, a pity then that:

    1. You've reinvested all your money in xG and now the shares are worthless
    2. You've borrowed money from ACH and is now in debt and you will have FINMA hunt you down.

    Vlad is like 23.000 times smarter than you