Thursday, 3 September 2009

Mats Spanks Palmi.

What lovely company xG Technology seems to keep.

Rick Mooers: Sued for Fraud at iDodgy. Currently CEO of the xG Scam.

Roger Branton: Sued for Fraud at iDodgy. Currently CFO of the xG Scam.

Joe Bobier: Faked demo at iDodgy. (check out the post Here - from
someone who was there). Currently CTO of the xG Scam.

Victor Suno: Manipulated/lapped xG shares for ACH

James Woodyatt: Former employee of Optimal - a feeder fund for Bernie Maddoff. Sacked. Conned GAMA into an LOI and was rewarded with deputy CEO position.

Frank Peake: Such an annoying twat that someone actually slit his throat! Honestly!

Major Shareholders:
Berth Milton - His money does not come any more dirty (although I have admired some of his works in the past - purely research..). Johan Bohman - stole money from a CHURCH!

And I'll come on to Palmi Sigmarsson in a moment. In fact the only one that comes out with any sort of credit is Mats Wennberg. In fact Mats recently tried to do the honest thing (as honest as you can be surrounded by these people).

Do you remember the Press Release that xG sent out on 24th April 2009?

Lock-up Agreement relating to shares in which Director is interested

xG Technology, Inc. (LSE-AIM: XGT, "xG" or the "Company"), which has developed an innovative, low-cost, mobile VoIP and data communications system, is pleased to announce that a lock-up agreement relating to a total of 22,344,191 shares in the Common Stock of xG (held by Stormur Holding AB, in which Palmi Sigmarsson has an indirect 58.7% controlling interest, and representing approximately 16.9% of the Company's share capital, the "Locked-up Shares") has been entered into by Palmi Sigmarsson and companies under his control.

In order to avoid the creation or continuance in the market of an impression that there may be an overhang of shares owned or held by Palmi Sigmarsson or companies under his control, they have entered into a lock-up agreement with Wennberg Industries AB ("Wennberg"), representing the Company's senior independent Director, Mats Wennberg.

[My italics on indirect]You'll probably wonder why such an agreement was necessary. Why go to the bother of stating this? Isn't it enough that there was already the standard AIM lock-up period in force? Well step forward Marc Dannenberg! Step forward Palmi Sigmarsson!

It seems that these two had been conspiring to sell RESTRICTED xG shares, during the lock-up period! And not only that, but selling them at around HALF the then share-price. AND selling them to US citizens in contravention of 'Regulation 'S''!

Whoops! I have an invoice from Marc to a US Citizen for shares in Guardian Holdings Ehf, (Have a look in xG's shareholder register and you'll see Guardian is a major xG shareholder - the director of Guardian is Palmi Sigmarsson). So in effect they were buying xG shares whilst under lock-up.

It seems that Mats got wind of this (somehow - ahem) and blew his top. He demanded that Palmi sell no more restricted shares, and that give over to him the control of those shares. Well done Mats! Good for you.

Does it end there? Was it an isolated incident? Ohhhh Noooo. I know of at least two other sales of restricted stock, and have the bank account details that would prove it. Also note the subtle way that Palmi is not a Direct owner of the stock, but indirect. It seems that this slight distancing of him from the sale - even though he is the ultimate beneficiary - has been used to somehow justify the sale.

This is very interesting! Who else do we know is an indirect owner of xG shares? Yep! You guessed! According to the AIM admission documents Rick Mooers AND Roger Branton also own their shares indirectly, through trusts intended for their minor children. Could it be that the large volumes we saw traded through AIM, via SIS, were part of these trusts? SIS is as we have seen sometimes used to disguise who actually is the owner of any particular stock trade.

So Palmi, old chap, lets have a look at your old company Spectra shall we? On the 12th of March 2004 the Finance Inspectorate withdrew Spectra license to act as a finance/trading firm. What they found was that the company had virtually no internal controls, that their 'assets' were large shareholdings in un-listed highly dubious companies (remind you of ACH?), that their capital requirements were hilariously inadequate, they had enormous conflicts of interest having board members on many of those dubious companies (ACH AGAIN!) and that had huge exposures to some very dodgy deals.

Reading between the lines, Palmi has prior experience of all the criminal activities that ACH were undertaking.

Which makes me wonder: Is Palmi the architect of this current xG/ACH scam?

It would explain the huge shareholding he seems to have been gifted by Rick and Roger. As well as the experience he certainly seems to have the ruthlessness and the disdain for the law which such a scam needs. He knows Rick and Marc from the iDodgy days. Spectra was the one that introduced the Icelandic pension fund to Rick, and NCR Boiler room introduced Spectra to Rick. It all fits.

Now Mats. Do the honest thing again - and shop the lot of them to the Police.


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    If you didn´t drink so much, you would probably be able to reach orgasm without making your dick so sore.

  2. So, Okey bought and sold shares and a year later Mats got upset....oh, oh, I´m almost there! Suck dick much, Drunk?

    David Blake, a drunken bar owner fucked by his partner.

    Huang Dongh, a Vietnamese Sweatshop Owner
    Phil Karn, a hideously deformed low level Qualcomm Geek.

    that´s your cast...dude, Any one of the guys you mention from xG has more going for them than all of you, your families, friends and all others you know combined.

    Pathetic, and this blog will be closed down, just like all your obsessive blogs are.

    Good luck drunk, you definitely need it.

  3. Oh by the way drunk, your buddy Okey took off to Thailand after his son was fucked every which way til Sunday in Jail...I´m sure you will be next.

  4. Another brilliant and insightful post. Thanks John, keep it up!

  5. Yes, John, interesting info.

    What do you know about Chimay Capital and the ACH liquidation. From a notice at it would appear Chimay hasn't paid for the 5 million XG shares they supposedly were going to buy. What's up with that?

  6. This post and the comments on Palmi shows how little you know, calling Palmi ruthless, that is funny, because he is anything but ruthless. His greatest weakness is his lack of ruthlessness.

  7. Re Cthulhu:xG is a scam and Spartan was a financial vehicle set up to get this scam going on. It was obvious from day one when it was announced that they wouldn't pay, it was only an attempt to inflate the share price - a pity they failed ;-)

    What happens now is:
    1. FINMA will go after the people behind Chimay (Spartan) as it is some kind of penalty involved - let's see if Frederick's or Marc's name shows up
    2. FINMA will asap go after all debtors to ACH with tools available. Let's hope Rick, Marc and Frederick are among them

  8. Donger, I´m everywhere bro...everywhere.
    Sick bastards.

  9. Now Mats. Do the honest thing again - and shop the lot of them to the Police.

    Why don´t you do it, scumbag?

  10. Well step forward Marc Dannenberg!
    Hi, I´ve been stepping forward to blast your smear campaign to bits. What´s wrong with you, bro?