Thursday, 5 March 2009

Fredrik Wahlman, ACH, and EFG

[Fredrik is one of the two unregulated stock promotors involved with xG.]

Fredrik is a successful man. He founded a successful business, got well rewarded, the company's expanding rapidly into Asia, he's a big shareholder in the Nordic Growth Market stock exhange, and his company sells them a system for THIRTY MILLION kronor. He should be delighted. He should retire to the sunshine.

But then why the hell is he involved in a scam like this? Why is he reduced to posting abusive messages on Bulletin Boards? Why is he pimping his arse out for Richard Mooers?

Strange isn't it? There's no doubting that Our Fredrik is the same Fredrik that founded Univits International. If you check HERE you'll see that the mobile number is the same as the one that Dannenberg's been calling.

If we look a little deeper we begin to see some connections:

Univits develops electronic stock exchange platforms, good ones by the look of it, and the Nordic Growth Market NGM buys in. Then interestingly in 2004 he develops a system for....Our good friends ACH Securities! It doesn't takes the brains of a Quarterback to realize this is where Fredrik got involved with xG.

Fredrik obviously moves in some decidedly down-market circles because who do we find holding a million (maybe more) shares of Univits? EFG Private Bank, which used to be IBP Fondkomission which was owned by our other old friend....Johan Bohman.

Hmmm. I'm starting to see a pattern as to why Fredrik is so important....


Incidentally before Univits Fredrik was a Broker with Penser Fondkommission. I had to laugh when I saw that they've been accused of doing some of the things I'm accusing ACH/xG of:

"Penser Fondkommission(EPF) has contravened the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s rules by buying and selling AstraZeneca shares on its own account in a manner that resulted in EPF conducting business with itself. In a large number of cases, this practice also influenced the price of the shares. Accordingly, the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s Disciplinary Committee has ruled that EPF must pay a fine of SEK 300,000. EPF is a member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. According to the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s rules for Exchange members, members must place orders in the trading system in such a manner that the orders do not intentionally result in an internal transaction. In this context, an internal transaction is defined as when the buyer and the seller are the same natural or legal entity. Nor may the member place an order or implement transactions in a manner intended to improperly influence the price of securities.

It is apparent from the inquiry conducted by the Stockholm Stock Exchange that on more than 1,400 occasions during the period January to mid-September 2006, an EPF employee has purchased and sold AstraZeneca shares on EPF’s own account in a manner that resulted in EPF intentionally conducting business with itself. On more than 1,000 occasions, the price of the share was also affected, due to the latest price paid for the share having been updated as a result of the internal transactions.

A very large portion of these trades, that should never have taken place, were executed at prices that deviated from the prevailing latest paid prices."

And if they can manipulate the price of a HUGE company like AstraZenica, then consider how easy it would be to manipulate the price of little old xG, with hardly any other buyers and sellers out there.......!

So we've got a guy who's rabbid at pumping xG. Who's involved with firms like ACH and 'close to the wind' people like Johan Bohman. Whose former employees have been fined (quite a few times) for stock manipulation...Is anyone smelling coffee?


  1. Jesus Christ, this is just getting better and better. I wonder where Marc Dannenberg, Joe Bobier and Robert Harte-Bunting are. Fred is probably on the phone and don't have time with this

  2. I´m right here bitch.
    What the fuck is rabbid?
    Pathetic, girls, really pathetic.