Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Warning - I nearly died from laughing when I saw this. Wear some sort of corset or girdle before clicking on this link. Looks like times are tough for our old buddy Marc Dannenberg. Still, it's nice to see the registration of Flashcomm SA wasn't wasted :-)


How does it go? MMMMMoooooooHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaa!


  1. Ok, this one is easy:

    Marc Dannenberg = S U C K E R


  2. Damn, why don´t you just come over and suck my dick already...

  3. Oh and thanks for the free publicity, asshole.

  4. I love the way you mention Madoff as a scam. Then practically beg for investment in SHEC and xG. YOu are a freak.

  5. Really did I mention xG?
    Beg? You fucking drunk, I have a half million dollars worth of baseball cards, you have a half empty bottle of cheap wine and a free blog. Pathetic. 30 percent goes to charity and we´re hoping we can get other people who actually have assets to use our site as an option to maintain value.

    Suuuuuck it, Drunk!

  6. "other people who actually have assets"
    So you have none then? Thanks for clearing that up. You're broke and you're selling off anything you can. How much will you get for your wife?

  7. Drunk, if you want to know what´s what, jewelry, homes, art, antiques, they are all taking hits in valuation. My website can keep those things at their proper valuation while giving people who would not ordinarily be able to afford these assets, like yourself, a chance to step up in clas.

    Drunken John Prescott, when you see my 2 million Euro house up there, you´ll know things have gotten bad.
    If you want, I can put your Military ID up, you fucking drunken army loser.
    How much will I get for my wife?
    What a fucking moron.

  8. Marc, you're selling off what measly assets you have. Come on. How many tickets at $100 have you sold? How many? Ha ha ha.

  9. John, honestly, what do you have that is worth half a mil?
    Old whiskey bottles ain´t gonna do it.
    If it goes well, I´m sure you are going to want me to raffle your chair with a table which you call a bar.

  10. You are kidding me right? You actually believe that a crappy website selling tickets, at ONE HUNDRED dollars each, to win baseball cards is a viable business model? Delusional. True, it's more viable than Flashcomm, but that's not saying much. Tell us - how many have you sold? One? Two? None? Mwhaaahha!

  11. Just when we didn't think you could get any dumber......

  12. Viable business model? What the fuck are you talking about, you dumb motherfucker. This is a one off to raise some cash for SHEC and give some cash to charities. You wouldn´t know anything about that though, you´re too busy sucking my dick.

    We live in a world where companies BORROW on their RECEIVABLES!!!

    Uh oh, it´s an anon blog gang...multicultured too, the bar owner grunt and the mongol sweatshop owner..keep sucking girls.

  13. Oh, do you want me to make a pretty website for you Johnny the drunk?

  14. Marc, Tell us again about how you "have decided the best way to overcome the falling asset valuations is to use raffles as a new economic base." I love that bit. Tell the president not to bother with economic stimulus - all we need is a raffle. Genius.

    Tell me again about "What makes [you] more angry is the fact that great companies like SHEC Labs with their solar based production of power, electricity and hydrogen have not gotten enough funds from investors". I LOVE that bit.

    Tell me about the hundred dollar tickets and how many you've sold. Tell me about the $165k you think you can con people out of.

    Go on Marc - tell me.

  15. Oh, no, please bother with the man, you have no idea what is going on.

  16. Marc Dannenberg says he's going to donate to charity. Anybody want to guess what that charity might be? Helping charities is kinda out of character for a sociopath.

  17. A raffle does seem like a great scam. Collect everybody's money and then tell everyone they lost. Wait a while until everyone forgets and do it all over again.

    It would be wrong, but our friend Marc is not likely to be stopped by something as piddling as a "conscience" -- even if he had one.

    Of course, some spoilsports just might see a raffle as 'illegal gambling' and prosecute it as such. That would make for amusing entertainment.

  18. Beerson on iii said I´m short for cash...dude I have A HALF MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF BASEBALL CARDS...what I want to know is, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU ASSHOLES HAVE A HALF MILLION DOLLARS OF?

    Please keep sucking my dick. I like it. Karn, why the jailhouse fantasies? The only two cocksuckers behind bars are Okey´s retarded son and David Fait, the drunk´s idol...too fucking funny.

  19. Damn, Phil, you hideous animal call me a sociopath, yet you fuck animals and are obsessed with jail, psychopaths and you are married to a fucking hippo...I think you´re the sociopath..bwhahahahahaha.

  20. Help me out here Marc. Let's assume you sell all the tickets, so there's $500k in the kitty. Then lets break down how it's split:

    *30% to 'charity' ($150k) quite how this is split to the three charities is unclear. $50k to each? 25k, 50k, 75k? You haven't thought this through have you Marc? In fact, I doubt that any money was ever going to go to any charity other than you.

    *Less the prizes of $15k - a whopping 3%

    *Which leaves us with 67% - $335k - which goes to your 'projects' which you imply is SHEC, but is probably just you.

    No wonder you haven't sold any $100 tickets. The thing is Marc you are assuming others are as stupid as you, and it's just not the case.

  21. Your math is correct. My collection is a collectors dream for 100 USD...I´ll let you know when the site is operational, cocksucker.

    The amount of money going to charity would be equally divided...there is a spot on the site where each player writes in a charity...
    It´s really quite simple, asshole.

  22. Hey Marc, Don't bother letting me know when your site is up. I've got a great solution for you. You'll thank me for this.

    If you collection is genuinely worth $500k why don't you just sell it for $500k! Great eh? Here's a website for you: - he travels. Even if you only got $335k you'd still be OK.

    Or is it that your valuation is just another fantasy? Like your fantasy valuations of xG and SHEC? In reality the shares you hawk are the same as your raffle tickets, because this raffle is always fixed: the only winners will be Rick, Roger, and Palmi.

  23. Hi asshole, if I ever need your help, shoot me. It´s worth half a mil, but if you haven´t been in a drunken stupor, you would have noticed there has been a devaluation of all assets and cash has been sucked out of the system.

    You´re missing a lot of the point of this system, which doesn´t surprise me since you´re a drunken bum. What something is worth and what someone will pay are not the same, you drunk.

  24. "What something is worth and what someone will pay are not the same". I LOVE that!

    Sold many today?

    "if I ever need your help, shoot me" - Tempting, but no thanks. You are too entertaining.

  25. I keep reading the bullshits self destructings you idiots, actually writes its just like kids... he did that and,... idid that no you did that motherfucker here and homo there, suck my dick... etc i realise that all the bullshit thats writes about XG is actually really only bulls,John tries to provocate the others, with his so call facts... john, if you want to put documents into your blog,... just dont put pieces of it, cut and rediged documents dont prove a shit, if you put the actually complete documents. that your readers can see all the truth,and all the truth help you god...but i think your the Dan Brown of blogs... with a few facts, you can make, a big book...or not?...

  26. me dont understand a thing about chairs, but me understand some about people, since i m a psyco myself,like most of the peoples that writes in this seat next to my cigar and cheap chivas, and cant stop thinking about Prescott... you must be a thief, come on how the hell did you get all this documents about xg? numbers lists,etc... havent you been aquiring chairs in Xg?...and...selling more then you hade, may be?
    why all these hate? has it something with you background to do? childhood? I think you need to talk to a psy to manage the anger that tires you appart...
    your blog is definitly NOT objectiv it should be... but is NOT

  27. Welcome Idiot, Glad to have you here. Dan Brown of blogs! Wow thanks.

  28. LOL at Beer is Drunk calling someone else an idiot...that´s hilarious, well worth the price of admission...which is free.