Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Phone Calls

In response to Clifton – here’s the list of calls Mr Dannenberg made that was intercepted by/obtained by Okey. Together with some comments. There’s quite a few I haven’t found anything about, and quite a few Spanish mobiles, these could be quite innocent (although obviously I doubt it – it’s Marc Dannenberg), but who else do we know in Spain? Johan Bohman lives mostly in Spain…

1) Switzerland 41227079369
ACH Securities
Either Stefan Bennici or Marc's mate Gunnar Engellau.

2) Spain 34654997317
Spanish Mobile

3) Spain 34652885657
Spanish Mobile

4) Switzerland 41313234040
Swiss Police
Money Laundering Department.
Hello. HELLO!

5) Sweden 46708876785
Fredrik Wahlman
First person Marc calls after the Police. Lower key stock promoter, but probably more important than Marc. Used to post as Paradigmshift on iii.co.uk. As he is based in Sweden one has to ask his involvement in deals such as Bohman, and Berth Milton. He calls TWICE more later on. There's Swedes everywhere!

6) Sweden 46703279014
Jan Larsson
CFO of NS Norisol Sverige AB (jan.larsson@norisol.se) Don’t know much about this guy, apart from the website. Interesting that he's a FINANCIAL officer of this company, AND he was the second person Marc called. Big customer? He's definitely important to Marc.

7) New London,CT 860-444-0102
Richard Mooers
And then the stinking spider in the center on the web. As Deep Throat said to Woodward when talking about the source of the Watergate corruption: "Just follow the Money." And the money here ends up in the pockets of Rick Mooers. The address is 3 Shawandassee Rd Waterford, CT 06385 - hence my log-in on iii.co.uk. GoogleMap "shawandassee road, ct 06385" to see the house that fraud built.

8) Switzerland 41227079373
ACH Securities
Touchdown! Here's proof of the link between one boiler room merchant, a now bust boiler room in Geneva, and xG. (Anyone see the story in the Swedish press about Marc calling the journalist there enquiring about how much it would be to buy ACH. I howled with laughter. What a joker.)

9) Hackensack, NJ 201-315-9763
TCP Cable Works
Paul A Behler. "My best buddy Paul is still here" said Marc the other day, and here, I assume, he is. Also it was around this time Marc was trying to "set up an xG network in NY state". You've gotta guess these aren’t unrelated. How many alias's on iii.co.uk do you think these two guys are responsible for?!

10) Switzerland 41797767189
Mobile Number. Again into the cesspool Marc

11) Switzerland 41223272611
Registry judges - Investigating Magistrate Isabelle Cuendet.
Mme Cuendet specialzes in Fraud and Money Laundering. I need say no more.

12) Iceland 354-820-5003
Peter L. Mogensen
(my Icelandic isn't great) but I think he was part of B-Mobile, which is now part of Vodaphone.

13) Spain 34952332408
Banco Atlántico (Av. Andalucía) en Málaga
Marc's bank

14) Spring Vly,NY 845-352-8631
Harvey Steinberg
Marc's stepdad. 25 Chester Ln,Nanuet, NY 10954

15) Belgium 32475707710

16) New York,NY 212-309-6552
Erica Evans
ING - Head of Institutional Product Management and Client Service

17) Hartford,CT 860-275-2052
We know who else is in Connecticut don’t we Mr Mooers.

18) Hackensack,NJ 201-226-0636
Cassandra Behler / Paul A Behler
The gimp takes another call. (He lives at 81 Chestnut Ave,Rochelle Park, NJ 07662, by the way. Googlmap shows it to be a very average suburban shack. Nothing like Mr Mooers palatial residence…)

19) White Pls,NY 914-447-7338

20) Sweden 468219019
Firma Torsten Frisk
Recruitment agency, one man band. No Webpage. Is Marc looking for a job? Ha ha.

21) Ireland 353862546828

22) Switzerland 41798293263
ACH - Stephane Bennici
Mobile Number. So that's two calls to VIC SUNO and TWO calls to this guy.

23) Spain 34696483497

24) Spain 34951278907

25) Queens,NYC 718-247-0801

26) New York,NY 917-731-3701
JONATHAN S SMOKLER, Chairman or Chief Executive Officer

27) Spain 34952880430

28) UK 441285711639
Asbestos G B Ltd.
Keble Cottage London Road Fairford Gloucestershire GL7 4AW

29) Netherland 31715614957
Eelvelt Computers
Mr JC Eelvelt. A One-Man band computer company, although have a look on their website here (http://www.eelveltcomputers.nl/mt.htm). You'll see THREE reports on xG Technology - go figure! I love the predicted sales figures in the Hitchens document - like $50M 2007 and $80M 2008!!

30) Sweden 463-168-6832
Per Eskilson
per.eskilson@ccskadecenter.se ,

31) Sweden 46708876785

32) Norway 479-053-1990

33) Iceland 354-864-7877

34) Sweden 46708876785

35) UAE 97144282468

36) S. Africa 27126669121
Lorbrand (Pty) Ltd
Sunderland Ridge, Centurion info@lorbrand.com

37) Iceland 354-581-1180

38) UK 441625549457
Bellairs Estate Management Ltd
3 York Crescent, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 2BB

39) UAE 97143985285

40) Ottawahull,ON 613-482-0607
Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation, 2214 Hanselman Ave, Saskatoon , SK., Canada, S7L 6A4

41) Saskatoon,SK 306-956-2225
Thomas Beck, President and Chief Executive Officer. You've gotta hand it to Marc for after scam service. Here he is involved in TWO scams at once.

42) UK 447803184905

43) Norway 476-698-9982

44) Norway 479-229-3602

45) Sweden 46706569019

Any further info anyone's got feel free to let us know...


  1. Thank you John, I will do some research on some of those numbers. I have a few ideas.