Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Johan Bohman is a Crook

Well, who’d have thought it? XG Technology involved with a businessman who is less than honest! As if we haven’t got enough crooks in the set-up with all the directors of the business, Marc, Fredrick, Falt, Berth, etc, well now we can add Johan Bohman to the list.

From what I can make out (my Swedish is non-existent so I’m relying on Google translate) it seems like he was involved through his companies of IBP Fondkommisionand, which then became EFG Private Bank in various very shady deals that cheated the Swedish Councils of Millions of Kroner. It also seems like he was involved in the Allokton fraud.

So far in the Allokton fraud a man with the fabulous name of Bernhard von der Osten-Sacken has been arrested for Fraud and insider trading and is looking at (or serving) a two-year stretch. This guy is infamous for buying Sweden’s most expensive bottle of Champagne at a ludicrous 75,000 SEK – which shows you what sort of disgusting reptile he is.

Anyways Von der Osten-Sacken (which translate rather poetically as ‘of the Cheese Sack’) was a director and large shareholder of Allokton the other principal owner was IBP Properties and Mangold Fondkommission …owned by Johan Bohman. Many of the same people (Like Mats Löfgren) sat on all three boards.

Seems like our buddy Johan is fairly well known as a man who is separated from crime by the width of a cigarette paper, as well as his love for wild nightlife. Which by the looks of him has taken its toll (He’s in the middle.)

One poster on a Swedish Forum gave us resume and a bit more info on Mr Bohman:

“As Davidoff suspected as Johan Bohman a key behind both IBP Properties, Mangold indirectly Allokton. [Oster-Sacken] can only be seen by the media as finance, but JB is one of the most stringent and unscrupulous finance that we have in this country.

MORE QUOTES (translated from Swedish):

” Allokton are among the most dishonest [companies] I have seen in a long time in the industry, "said Bengt Turner, professor of economics on Allokton. “
”As some have said, very simply done in this thread to spread light on swindler Johan Bohman This certainly seems to be a multifaceted person with a somewhat dubious agenda. Why did they [hang out]? Snow? [Cocaine] “
”The fact that BVDOS is in lawful custody, may suggest further arrests of people like Johan Bohman and Mats Löfgren? Can it draw some of the above companies into the bleach? What other players may be involved? Have I missed / misunderstood anything? “


A forum member at flashback.info speculates that Mr Bohman was behind a bombing of a guy who didn’t pay up…

“According to my source, which is probably the same as journalists, it is JB [Johan Bohman] "businessman" in the article. Name of the attack matches. True or not, I do not know. “

Members of the IRA behind Åre bomb?
Two members of the IRA, Irish Republican Army, are suspected of having carried out a bomb attack in Åre. When the men landed in Sweden they met the professional criminal who is a gangster leader. A businessman - who considered himself to have been cheated out of three million - are suspected of having instigated the bombing.

On the morning of February 5 a bomb exploded outside the newly opened Thai restaurant PhD in Åre. "All indications suggest that there were two Britons who carried out the attack. We know their identities and by English police are men linked to the IRA, "says a police source. Some time ago a businessman loaned three million to a 32-year-old man. The money would be used to open a store in Stockholm, but the project went bankrupt. "The business man said that he passed on a real blowing, "says a police source. According to police suspicions they must pursue the money believed to have gone to people in the circle around the alleged gangster leader Milan SEVO. SEVO has in interviews and police denied all knowledge, and has been freed in a visible trial, but the police claim that there are contacts between his gang and people linked to the IRA. "For some elements within the IRA is the political struggle subordinate, instead it is organized crime that is on the agenda, "says a police source. 32-year-old who borrowed money from the businessman, according to police, via decoy interests in Åre. Two days before the bombing two Britons flew to Stockholm. They were provided with mobile phones. Identification of mobile phone traffic show that the trip went to Åre by car. When the bomb exploded, there were phones near the restaurant. Traveled to Stockholm after attack was your trip back to Stockholm. "Telephone traffic stopped when they approached the city to take the flight home, "says a police source. "The bomb was a warning. We believe that 32-year-old carefully had realized that it was the IRA guys who were behind and that the next time would get him for real, "says a police source. "32-year-old claim that no threat existed" - but is so scared that he had gone underground. “

Calling Swedish People! Have a check for Johan Bohman on www.flashback.info. There’s quite a bit on there, but it’s all in Swedish, love to know what it says…..


  1. Bohman is a pathetic figure.

    Bohman has essentially not done any business for the last five years.

    Part from spending his time grooming his reputation as a “great” businessman, he has occupied himself with his three favorite pastimes: legal fights with his x, partying and drinking. Drinking has got him into some serious problems: Divorce (still fighting his x), breakup with family and business friends, and bad -really bad- business.

    On occasions, Bohman takes a timeout from his hectic social agenda to concentrate fulltime on “the bottle”. In February 2008 he locked himself into a hotel suite in Thailand cutting himself off from the world during at least a month. Only a few old “friends” were able to access him. During this time someone (Whalman?) took advantage of the situation and talked Bohman into starting investing in xG. Whoever it was, he managed to get Bohman’s intoxicated mind into believing that a crashed ACH scam that everyone wanted to get out of, was in fact a major technological breakthrough that would soon rally (in the worst bear market since 1929!). Over the next few months Bohman invested close to SEK 100 million in xG at a level of about USD 5. Needless to say, that money is now forever lost.

    In a last attempt to rescue his investment, Bohman formed the empty company Treco in December to enter into a contract with xG to purchase a number of base stations. He sent out press releases pretending to be a billionaire (when in fact he was seriously running out of cash himself), and pretending to be a major shareholder in EFG (when in fact he never held more that 1% of that company and he has probably sold most by now to fund his lifestyle).

    Conclusion: someone was using Bohman as a dumping station to get out of their holdings in xG. Now, finally, the world knows what Bohman himself has known many years: that he is an “x”.


    BTW, I think you got Bohman’s involvement in Åre wrong. Rumours on Stureplan about that time (2004) had it that it was “Sluggern”, one of the biggest insider traders in Ericsson shares back then, that was behind Åre.

  2. xSureplan, Thank you VERY much for this information..

  3. Identical Twins:

    Mohammar Khadaffi: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_jRqotTnRIfU/Sp_hv4sgoOI/AAAAAAAAAFw/xXgxLxcFpig/s1600-h/n774963712_108.jpg

    Johan Bohman: http://bertiljansson.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/khadaffi.jpg

  4. Johan, I have your very old mobile phone.