Sunday, 5 April 2009

Real Life Performance Data

Quite a few people over at, Raustovitch steadfast among them, have held on heroically to their xG shares in the distant hope that mathematics was wrong and Bobier was right. 'Lets wait for real-life performance data', seems to be their call.

Well chaps, there's good news and there's bad news.

The good news is; I have stumbled upon some actual performance data for you, done in a real-life test with real xMax equipment. Yey! The bad news is; umm, sorry, Bobier was ~wrong~. xMax is just ~nothing special~. It works, sure, but (according to people who know) its performance is 15 years out of date. Ouch! There's two websites below with the data. They are tests done in Florida with the xDrive system. The first one shows two tests done 13/3/08 and 11/3/08, you can play with the settings - a figure of 34 is required for acceptable voice, and you have to plug in the antenna location to get proper readings. On the second site, the setting required are shown as 34(signal strength) 29.30(latitude) -81.1127(longitude) 1(antenna sector). I don't have the second antenna location for site 1. The second site shows pins all over the 'Birds Eye' view of the tests area. Passing your mouse over the pins shows the signal strength.

Aside from showing xMax's radio performance is 15 years out of date, the tests don't actually show how well an xMax system would work in real life. It's probable that performance is even worse that 15 years out of date because these tests don't include any interference. xMax is meant to work in unlicensed spectrum so *will* be subject to interference. "But", says Mr Raustovitch, "What about the Wavelet Pass Filter - the 'Key to xMax' according to Bobier - which means xMax can bypass interference?" Well have a look HERE just to remind yourself. It can't.

It won't work better in unlicensed spectrum. It won't carry more users. Their BER curve does show their true performance - despite their hurried retraction. It won't send signals further on less power. It won't need less basestations to cover an area. It won't make a network cheaper than other systems. All the revolutionary performance claims made to fool money out of investors in this stock scam are FALSE. xMax is nothing special in theory. xMax is even less special in practice. xMax is dead. xMax only ever existed so that Mooers could con people like Raustovitch out of their hard-earned money. xMax only ever existed as a scam.

What we have now with all the changes highlighted by the FCC tests is something quite different to xMax. Something new. Something regular. Something pedestrian. Something that could work. Let's call it "newMax". Raustovitch: Sorry mate. They've offered a brand new rocket-powered Lamborghini to entice you in, and switched it for a 15 year-old Ford Mondeo and hoped you wouldn't notice.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Dealer Program PPT

So now we know that the performance of the BTS250 bears no relation to what they originally claimed for xMax. Wireless Guy over at iii seems to know his stuff: "This looks like it will do a fine job of supporting a 100 or so VOIP calls and perhaps text messaging or emails..." BUT as this PowerPoint show proves they were telling the dealers that it would support 780 simultaneous calls, and that OPEX and CAPEX would be lower than other systems. Not might. Not may. Not could. But will support 780 simultaneous calls

Another interesting thing is (slide 4) that they claim the carrier (Telcentris) rates are specially negotiated - but then send me a Cease and Desist when I post them as they are too embarrassing...! And the final hilarious kicker is the launch date: April/May/June 2007!

Unless they announce they have changed their technology to the
stockmarket, they have ONCE AGAIN broken the AIM rules.

I've highlighted interesting things in red. Not all the slides are shown as quite a few are just marketing blurb. First up is the properties of the doc so you can see who wrote it.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Cease and Desist

You'll notice the 'Flashcomm and xMax' thread with the Telcentris prices has been taken down due to a Cease and Desist from parties as yet unknown. Some bollocks about copyright. I'm assured that I'll find out in a few weeks who the spoilsport is.

It seems to be OK to call xG a fraud and a scam, to say that Rick and Co are thieves, to point out the illegality and immorality of what they are doing - but to suggest that even with a conventional basestation design that the scam won't be profitable for dealers mug enough to sign up is a big no-no.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Treco / Bohman

I almost missed this gem of a comment on the 'Bohman is a Crook' thread. These are the circumstances that saw the White Knight of Treco ride to the rescue of the damsel xG. It's especially pertinent considering yesterday's results hailed the Bohman-owned Treco as the next great step for xG. A poster called xStureplan says...

"Bohman is a pathetic figure.

Bohman has essentially not done any business for the last five years.

Part from spending his time grooming his reputation as a “great” businessman, he has occupied himself with his three favorite pastimes: legal fights with his x, partying and drinking. Drinking has got him into some serious problems: Divorce (still fighting his x), breakup with family and business friends, and bad -really bad- business.

On occasions, Bohman takes a timeout from his hectic social agenda to concentrate fulltime on “the bottle”. In February 2008 he locked himself into a hotel suite in Thailand cutting himself off from the world during at least a month. Only a few old “friends” were able to access him. During this time someone (Whalman?) took advantage of the situation and talked Bohman into starting investing in xG. Whoever it was, he managed to get Bohman’s intoxicated mind into believing that a crashed ACH scam that everyone wanted to get out of, was in fact a major technological breakthrough that would soon rally (in the worst bear market since 1929!). Over the next few months Bohman invested close to SEK 100 million in xG at a level of about USD 5. Needless to say, that money is now forever lost.

In a last attempt to rescue his investment, Bohman formed the empty company Treco in December to enter into a contract with xG to purchase a number of base stations. He sent out press releases pretending to be a billionaire (when in fact he was seriously running out of cash himself), and pretending to be a major shareholder in EFG (when in fact he never held more that 1% of that company and he has probably sold most by now to fund his lifestyle).

Conclusion: someone was using Bohman as a dumping station to get out of their holdings in xG. Now, finally, the world knows what Bohman himself has known many years: that he is an “x”. "