Monday, 15 March 2010

Getting Interesting.

My apologies for lack of action on the blog, I’ve been involved in quite a few other projects.

Finally, some interesting news, and like waiting for busses you wait for one, then several come along at once. Victor out! Manipulating stock! Wow!

Here’s the inside line to recent developments:

1. Victor Suno, and James Woodyatt (until last week both xG Directors) according to a source close to the Swiss Police, have both got warrants out for their arrests. They have been wanted for questioning by them for quite some time in connection with xG securities fraud following from the case of Bank Hapoalim.

2. Woodyatt, who used to work for one of Maddoff’s feeder funds, left for Miami without informing the Swiss authorities of his whereabouts. Maybe the Rick could help them by dropping them a line on ++41 (0)31 323 11 23? You know it makes sense Rick. They are looking for Victor in Spain...

3. The FSA have been investigating xG for at least 6 months. I know of several Swiss lawyers who have been contacted by the FSA with regards to securities trading via ACH, and for other matters. It seems like this investigation has prompted the recent expulsion of Victor who, as we know, was also an employee of ACH.

4. Some of the former investors of iDigi (xG’s previous incarnation) are in the process of suing the xG directors in a class action suit. An estimated 30 million USD was lost in iDigi…Seems like some people want their money back.

5. Rick and Roger have both have been taken by the FBI to a Grand Jury questioning in Washington DC into investigations regarding the iDigi fraud.

6. Just to confirm the sort of people we are dealing with, Kevin Flessner, the former CEO if iDigi has recently been prosecuted for ‘Flipping’ fraud. A story about is says “he was sued in October 2001 along with his former partners, Richard Mooers and Roger Branton, for allegedly participating in a scheme to "siphon off" and "pirate away" iDigi's assets for their own benefit.”

7. The Bohman v Kromka is old news but further enquiries suggest that the deal for extra investment that Kromka secured was dependent into a specialist team at General Dynamics doing a thorough investigation of the technology. Rick couldn’t let that happen, for fear that as we all know, xG have nothing special, so he shopped Kromka to Bohman.

The interesting thing is – why admit it now? They’ve known for years that there have been ‘issues’ surrounding ACH’s share trading. (Not to mention sales of restricted stock.) They knew that ACH was dodgy, must have (I said it here several times), and yet they still invite an ACH employee to become a board member. Evidently it stinks. The difference is, now to then, that the FSA’s investigation is closing around the necks of Rick and Roger. So they give Victor as a scapegoat, and claim they knew nothing about any share manipulation. Well, back in iDigi days they knew their financing partners were a boiler room, and in the xG days they also knew that ACH were a near-boiler room. The funny thing is, they didn’t complain when the shares got lapped all the way up to $15. You can’t have it both ways boys.

Update: Ian Hammar is following the story over here. With some extra juicy detail. I tried to post this on, but got immediately banned. How childish. Someone doesn't want this info out there....