Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mats and Palmi Email

A chap called Tom commented on my last post about Palmi Sigmarsson. He says Palmi isn’t at all ruthless, is kind to animals, and regularly helps old ladies across the street – before blowing their hard earned pension on iDodgy shares.

But Tom does have a point - I do not know Palmi at all. In order to address this issue I have invited Palmi to comment on the post, and I’ve cc’d Mats so he can see how nicely I write about him. Email sent just now:

from John Prescott
date Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 11:20 AM
subject Sales of restricted xG Shares.

hide details 11:20 AM (0 minutes ago)

Dear Mr Sigmarsson,

I write a blog about xG Technology. My last post was about you selling xG Technology shares whilst they were under restriction, via an unregulated stock dealer, and at around half the then market price. I thought it only fair to give you the chance to reply, and would welcome your input into the discussion. I promise to post your reply without editing on the blog.

You will find the post here:

Yours Sincerely,

John Prescott.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Mats Spanks Palmi.

What lovely company xG Technology seems to keep.

Rick Mooers: Sued for Fraud at iDodgy. Currently CEO of the xG Scam.

Roger Branton: Sued for Fraud at iDodgy. Currently CFO of the xG Scam.

Joe Bobier: Faked demo at iDodgy. (check out the post Here - from
someone who was there). Currently CTO of the xG Scam.

Victor Suno: Manipulated/lapped xG shares for ACH

James Woodyatt: Former employee of Optimal - a feeder fund for Bernie Maddoff. Sacked. Conned GAMA into an LOI and was rewarded with deputy CEO position.

Frank Peake: Such an annoying twat that someone actually slit his throat! Honestly!

Major Shareholders:
Berth Milton - His money does not come any more dirty (although I have admired some of his works in the past - purely research..). Johan Bohman - stole money from a CHURCH!

And I'll come on to Palmi Sigmarsson in a moment. In fact the only one that comes out with any sort of credit is Mats Wennberg. In fact Mats recently tried to do the honest thing (as honest as you can be surrounded by these people).

Do you remember the Press Release that xG sent out on 24th April 2009?

Lock-up Agreement relating to shares in which Director is interested

xG Technology, Inc. (LSE-AIM: XGT, "xG" or the "Company"), which has developed an innovative, low-cost, mobile VoIP and data communications system, is pleased to announce that a lock-up agreement relating to a total of 22,344,191 shares in the Common Stock of xG (held by Stormur Holding AB, in which Palmi Sigmarsson has an indirect 58.7% controlling interest, and representing approximately 16.9% of the Company's share capital, the "Locked-up Shares") has been entered into by Palmi Sigmarsson and companies under his control.

In order to avoid the creation or continuance in the market of an impression that there may be an overhang of shares owned or held by Palmi Sigmarsson or companies under his control, they have entered into a lock-up agreement with Wennberg Industries AB ("Wennberg"), representing the Company's senior independent Director, Mats Wennberg.

[My italics on indirect]You'll probably wonder why such an agreement was necessary. Why go to the bother of stating this? Isn't it enough that there was already the standard AIM lock-up period in force? Well step forward Marc Dannenberg! Step forward Palmi Sigmarsson!

It seems that these two had been conspiring to sell RESTRICTED xG shares, during the lock-up period! And not only that, but selling them at around HALF the then share-price. AND selling them to US citizens in contravention of 'Regulation 'S''!

Whoops! I have an invoice from Marc to a US Citizen for shares in Guardian Holdings Ehf, (Have a look in xG's shareholder register and you'll see Guardian is a major xG shareholder - the director of Guardian is Palmi Sigmarsson). So in effect they were buying xG shares whilst under lock-up.

It seems that Mats got wind of this (somehow - ahem) and blew his top. He demanded that Palmi sell no more restricted shares, and that give over to him the control of those shares. Well done Mats! Good for you.

Does it end there? Was it an isolated incident? Ohhhh Noooo. I know of at least two other sales of restricted stock, and have the bank account details that would prove it. Also note the subtle way that Palmi is not a Direct owner of the stock, but indirect. It seems that this slight distancing of him from the sale - even though he is the ultimate beneficiary - has been used to somehow justify the sale.

This is very interesting! Who else do we know is an indirect owner of xG shares? Yep! You guessed! According to the AIM admission documents Rick Mooers AND Roger Branton also own their shares indirectly, through trusts intended for their minor children. Could it be that the large volumes we saw traded through AIM, via SIS, were part of these trusts? SIS is as we have seen sometimes used to disguise who actually is the owner of any particular stock trade.

So Palmi, old chap, lets have a look at your old company Spectra shall we? On the 12th of March 2004 the Finance Inspectorate withdrew Spectra license to act as a finance/trading firm. What they found was that the company had virtually no internal controls, that their 'assets' were large shareholdings in un-listed highly dubious companies (remind you of ACH?), that their capital requirements were hilariously inadequate, they had enormous conflicts of interest having board members on many of those dubious companies (ACH AGAIN!) and that had huge exposures to some very dodgy deals.

Reading between the lines, Palmi has prior experience of all the criminal activities that ACH were undertaking.

Which makes me wonder: Is Palmi the architect of this current xG/ACH scam?

It would explain the huge shareholding he seems to have been gifted by Rick and Roger. As well as the experience he certainly seems to have the ruthlessness and the disdain for the law which such a scam needs. He knows Rick and Marc from the iDodgy days. Spectra was the one that introduced the Icelandic pension fund to Rick, and NCR Boiler room introduced Spectra to Rick. It all fits.

Now Mats. Do the honest thing again - and shop the lot of them to the Police.

Déjà Vu all over again

Nothing much seems to change over at South Pineapple Avenue. Still scamming. Still lying to the stockmarket. Still pretending that 'any day now' they'll launch a revolutionary 'phone. And still getting folks (like me) kicked off the boards...

Anyhoo. there's a few nice new details to keep me entertained. Firstly Johan Bohman has always fascinated me. He is after all the sole reason that xG are still in business. How can one man have so much money, but be so stupid with it? Obviously as we have seen elsewhere on this blog he was conned into investing in xG by our very own Fredrik Wahlman (shyster, unregulated stock-promoter) - whilst they were both on the piss in Bangkok. Now that he's sobered up, and realized what an enormous fuck-up he's made it seems like Johan and Fredrik aren't buddies anymore. When the Treco website was originally made live, the sole representative was our buddy Fredrik. Now look on the Treco site and Fred's name is nowhere to be seen.

But it gets stranger. Perhaps Johan hit the bottle again after getting rid of Fred because who did he turn to to ensure strong honest leadership at Treco? He needed someone reliable. Someone with an outstanding reputation. Marc Dannenberg was busy polishing his head so in June, Victor Suno - an ex-ACH dodgy dealing, stock manipulating arsehole - who also happened to be a xG board member, was named on Treco's site as their representative.

Well that didn't last long! A month or so later and Victor's gone too! Looks like the only people that Johan could find were a random Krav Magna instructor(!), a Welsh bloke, and Richard Kromka. Poor old Fred, poor old Victor, well I suppose they can burn their xG option certificates to keep them warm on the cold winter nights.

But Johan seems to be having even more problems than just the Treco affair. Not least that he's realized his investment in xG is next to worthless, his name is also being splashed all over the Swedish press in a less than favourable manner. We read at Affairsvarden that:

Billionaire Johan Bohman's asset management company, Green Stream Investment Services, violated both the Companies Act and the FSA regulations for years. [If the] Inspectorate had known the truth, the company had received its license revoked.

It seems like he was doing extremely risky deals with money that a CHURCH had invested with him - in violation of the wishes of the church for safe, secure, investments. When Green Steam went bankrupt the church took a huge hit.

In an eerie-echo of Palmi Sigmarrsons' company Spectra Holdings, Green Stream were operating at way, way below the minimum capital requirements to conduct such a business. They illegally covered this up to the authorities, and the shit is only just hitting the fan now. Palmi on the other hand wasn't quite so successful at lying and the authorities caught up with Spectra.

Worse than that Johan blatantly stole around 8 Million from investors! He valued a nearly worthless part of his business at 8 million, sold it to another part of his business, and pocketed the entire amount himself.

There seems to be no corner, no crevice, of xG Technology that doesn't stink of fraud.