Friday, 8 October 2010

Beautifully done Mr Mooers

I can't help but to admire Rick Mooers latest efforts. I was wondering just how they were going to carry on - we've had the iDigi scam, the xG scam is almost past tense, what's next?  Switching the assets to another company is their modus operandi, and bingo, here we have it!  Among the terms of the latest desperate 'Loan' (no laughing at the back..) was the following:

Collateral:The additional loan shall be secured against all assets of the Company

In other words, they lend themselves money - which awards themselves all assets - if they don't pay themselves. Genius. They are now in a win-win: only two things can happen:

a) Pork gets airborne and the Army do their old buddy a favour. (Despite the fact that EVERY serious radio company has developed, or is developing, a cognitive radio. In fact Joe Bobier's favourite radio engineer Claude Shannon partly came up with the idea...)

b) The company folds and Rick walks away with everything. (Which as we know is actually nothing...) But he can pretend, as he's always pretended, that the patents are worth 'Billions' and a new scam can start. I almost feel sorry for Joe: As the companies assets are Joe's dubious patents, Joe won't own them any more. Johan Bohman - stuffed. Investors - stuffed.

As to the loan itself, something does not add up: MB have paid themselves $70k (now $80k) or so a month for 8 years = $6.7M. Now they intend to lend themselves $5M. That's a huge chunk of what they've legally scammed from investors. Does not compute. The possibilities I see are:

1) They won't be lending anything near $5M - just a few dollars in dribs and drabs as bills become overdue, until it's obvious which of the above two options will come about.
2) They will be lending the $5M - which implies they've been able to scam much more than the $6.7M that's been legally declared. 

P.S. It seems like payroll costs are biting. Has anyone noticed that Jonas Krepp, Director of Investor Relations has been given the heave-ho and replaced with James Woodyatt?

P.P.S. You have to wonder about a Scam Company whose new P.R. girl is called Bennie Sham


  1. What assets you fuckwad? How can there be any assets in a scam? Drunk again douchebag?

  2. BWHAHAHAHAHA every radio co. is now developing cognitive radio??? What a fucking stupid statement!!! Really now douchebag?
    Bro, heads up...xG is the greatest comms company in the history of I said to you before, you 3 jackoffs are dead on regarding your picked obsession point...I can´t blame you...If I were you I would want to suck my dick too. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

  3. I'm not all all surprised MB put that money in. According to the rumors I've heard they didn't have much choice. There was one angry shareholder putting pressure on them to do it. A bit confusing they agreed to inject that much money but it could very well be they've managed to invoice xG way more than the monthly fees.

    Nevertheless, the company is going to fade away and most likely change name and direction. All shareholders are of course screwed but that's been a fact for a while now.

  4. Marci - Dimwit,

    "What assets you fuckwad? How can there be any assets in a scam? Drunk again douchebag?"

    The same 'assets' that were in iDigi - the ones they went to court over, the same 'assets' that were in xG. i.e the patents that we know are worthless, that they've got on the balance sheet as tens of millions.


  5. Yep Huang. Do you think the 'shareholder' was Bohman? He seems to have given up bankrolling them. Interesting how he puts in $6m and comes out with nothing. Moores puts in "$5M" (yeah right) and comes out with everything.

    We know that idigi folded because the main investor sued. If the army 'deal' comes out the same as all the other 'deals' then the only option for Bohman is to sue. Interesting times.

  6. I'd be surprised if it's not Bomann. If I were him I would be pretty upset by now. Mooers has screwed him big time and I guess the pressure now is even harder on Mooers to come up with a financing solution. I just can't see how he would manage that.......

  7. I would guess that with that announcement of the loan and the pledge of the company's assets as collateral, they have effectively killed the market for shares of XGT. Who in their right mind would buy shares when it's virtually certain they'll soon be 100% worthless? (Which has to be obvious now to even the densest "investor". Hello, Marc!)

    Did you notice the October 6 RNS? They were crowing about the movement in share price after announcement of the army contract. (That struck me as a bit desperate.) This "movement" was typical bouncing of an illiquid stock, and was due to *two* trades totaling about $10000. In three subsequent trading days, not a single share has traded. Wow. Some movement.

  8. Exactly Phobos,

    The "Share Price Movement" RNS was hilarious. It had Rick Mooers written all over it. $10k is 6 weeks 'salary' for Rick - hardly major news.

    To be fair, under AIM rule 11 they have to comment on all developments that would effect share price - both positive news and negative news. I wonder why they chose to PR that, and not the loss of contracts from Gama, National Grid, Townes, Telefonica, Skytel, or Far Reach...or not comment on the dropping of their main selling point Flash Signal, or the dropping of Wavelet Pass Filter...or their change from special modulation to mainstream cognitive radio?

    I guess it's because they are a scam, and they treat their investors like idiots.

  9. David Blake, John Prescott, Drunk Puddle of Piss, whatever...bro SCAMS DON´T HAVE ASSETS YOU FUCKING FILTHY STINKY DRUNK!!!

    Phobos, yep, I guess its over since xG will never run out of money and they are being tested to fit a new global standard...what a fucked up 3 people follow you drunk, quite possible even dumber than you!!!
    That says a LOT!

  10. Isn't $10k more like three days' salary for Mooers?

    And they treat their investors like idiots because their investors *are* idiots. It took all of ten minutes to see through xG when first I heard of it several years ago. It boggles the mind that somebody could fall for what they were pushing (the Shannon-defying Flash Signal), much less be willing to invest to the tune of millions of dollars.

    At least their current cognitive radio is legitimate technology, but I suspect they're grossly overselling their system's capabilities. Their system is going to have to have significant advantages over competing systems to make up for all the baggage they're carrying from iDigi, the ludicrous performance claims, and all the "deals" that never went anywhere. Being as good as the competition is not going to be nearly good enough. And I suspect they won't even be that.

    I'm guessing that this army contract will eventually prove to be no different from the Townes deal. We'll hear some reports of progress without details, maybe an extension or two, and then it will go dead quiet.

  11. Phobos nothing pleases me more than when lowlife peons like you suck the dick of someone making much much more money than you...bro, news flash, its you 3 fucked up dummies that still talk about Shannon and whatever the fuck else..iDigi...LOLOLOLOL...bro, comparing the US Military at this stage to Townes, Phobos you bag of shit, GET OUT OF THE PAST!!! Life goes on you dumb pissant.

    LOLOLOL...Phobos xG is everything anyone on the right side said it would be and more...holy shit you really are dumb. Every single body in and around xG is 10 to 20 times smarter than you, the Drunk, the Mongo and the mid level ham radio geek.

    Keep posting though.

  12. Phebos,

    "Isn't $10k more like three days' salary for Mooers?"
    Whoops. You're right.

    "At least their current cognitive radio is legitimate technology."
    Sure, which makes me wonder how the hell do they think they're going to compete in an area that has many of the best and brightest already developing in that area. It's such a total mismatch. On the one side you have Joe - who's never produced anything, on the other you have the might of all the world's radio engineers.

    Obviously they can't compete. They've just stumbled down blind alleys until they struck on an area everyone else is already working on.

    And I look forward to one 'special' Idiot Investor losing all.

  13. BWHAHAHAHAHA, a Drunken Bum talking about the best and the brightest...holy shit now I think I´ve heard it all...bro...Joe Bobier is the brightest individual living today. He would melt you into the piss puddle you are just by you standing next to him.

    Too funny...too funny. I look forward to shitting on your cardboard box home on the corner where your foreclosed bar stood.

    It would take you a number of lifetimes and a lot of other different circumstances to win a battle that I am on the other side of...that goes for the mongo and phobos the fuckhead...too funny, you took a look at them years ago...holy shit how fucking retarded are you?

  14. Ummm Marci.
    One of us was on the right side of the trade. I.e. me.

    One of us was on the wrong side of the trade. I.e. you.
    Understand? Or do you need diagrams?

  15. The BWHAHAHAHAHAHA-guy, is he posting from inside a nuthouse?

  16. er, you have no clue what my trade is, drunk.
    Here is the difference...I don´t bother asking if you understand, I know you don´t.

    Anonymous you mutt, I have 2 thousand emails with the mongo and is are late to the party, stupid.

  17. "Phobos xG is everything anyone on the right side said it would be and more"

    Certainly by "the right side" you mean the skeptics calling it a scam, right? They seem to have been right every step of the way. When the stock was trading above $10 they were saying it would crash, and it did.

    As I recall, a couple years ago you were crowing about how this "$1.8 billion company" was going to be the next Microsoft, that we'd all be talking on xMax phones, that the stock would be trading at $1000. The "right side" certainly isn't your side.

    By the way, how's that baseball card raffle going?

  18. Only a retarded drunk would put any weight on the stock price. Once again psycho obsessed drunk you have no idea what side of the trade i am on.

    What a complete asshole you aré, drunk.

  19. Marc 2007:
    "of course the tech works - the company trades at $18 a share."

    Marc 2010:
    "Only a retarded drunk would put any weight on the stock price"

  20. Marci, if the share price now doesn't matter maybe you should consider a move to North Korea. They have the same mind as you saying everything they do is the best and there are no share prices to consider. Maybe you could promote their new juice that makes people smarter (make sure you drink a lot of it). Maybe you even could get it listed somewhere with you as the PR-Director.

    I'm sure they would open the borders for you and give you a warm welcome.

  21. Drunk, let me draw it out for you...once the co. starts producing product it will never stop.

    Mongo, sorry bro, I don´t comingle with lessers. Unbelievable time to accumulate though.

  22. You've said it's been an unbelievable time to accumulate since $10. I support the idea of you moving to North Korea.

    /former client to M Dannenberg

  23. Drunk, Mongo. and Phobos the anonymous douchebag...SUCKING MY DICK!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Slurrrrp, Slurrrrrp...

  24. Client of mine? I think not.
    Er, no anonymous douchebag "client of mine", I told all to sell as soon as I came back from Okey in Daytona...hold on scumbag, let me get the email for the meantime you lying piece of dogshit, I never told anyone to accumulate anything at 10 or below, douchebag...just looking at my emails...the email I sent says stock is going down, Okey is a loser who has no money and that is THE EXACT REASON I FORMED "ex client of mine"....SUCK MY DICK YOU ANONYMOUS PIECE OF DOGSHIT. If you have any balls at all, give me a call or email at and I will be happy to set you straight...if not, go fuck yourself...
    You are probably some piker with 2k to spend.

  25. And...any client of mine posting on a cesspool board like this needs to be shot.

  26. Also douchebag "client of mine"
    ING came out with a buy rec, said the stock was going to 60
    Hichens came out with a buy report, said the stock was the best buy on the exchange
    Daniel Stewart said the stock was going to 40

    You are a piker whiny bitch with no balls, "client of mine"...SUUUUCK IT!!!
    and have a good day.

  27. Marc, they're not really clients. They're more like victims - big difference!

  28. And nope, never said accumulate at 10.
    You are a lying is who you can be...
    Mick Berry, the loser who lost his wife to a lesbian, or Phil T...the loser who lost his gig raping old people for 20 percent of recovered fees from bullshit bank charges at Boomerang Bank Charges...good thing they shut you down.
    Either way, you are one of the worlds biggest scumbag losers.

  29. Mongo, victims of what?
    Nobody is a victim more than those born with slanty eyes, big teeth, no dick and a big head with absolutely no brains...sounds familiar, gook?

  30. Scenario 2 Optimistic:
    xG’s technology is significantly better than others;
    completely revolutionises telecoms
    and achieves mass market takeup
    xMax proves to be a success that validates xG’s Flash Signal
    technology. Cashflow from xMax’s US success is used to drive
    global adoption and the creation of a de-facto low-power
    communications standard used in a variety of applications.
    EV of US$6.2bn / 150m = Price: $42,00
    2012F Net profit = US$310m
    2011F Prospective PER = 35x
    Discount rate=15% -> Discount factor=0.57

    Remember this, Douchebag?
    40 bucks baby...who gives a fuck when it happens? Only suckers and pikers worry about "when"...suck dick, 40 is nothing...xG will be the highest valued company in the history of all exchanges...I don´t give a fuck when it happens.

  31. Marc, your life only consists of lies. You harassing me doesn't change the fact you've numerous times have sent emails and called about "now's the time to accumulate". Look where that would have taken me if I had listened.

  32. lol, where would that have taken you, douchebag? You still would be a fucked up loser, right?

    Lies? What the fuck are you talking about...was ING a lie, was Hichens a lie, was Daniel Stewart a lie...your best bet is to shut the fuck up.

  33. Marc, How are your clients funds in the Flashcomm S.A. vehicle? Take a look in the mirror - you are a joke. You are going downhill:
    Mob controlled boiler room, to
    Backwater Boiler Room, to
    Unregulated promoter, to
    Loser on the wrong sides of trades.

  34. bro, whatever you think I am, I thank God every day I am not you, a drunken dumbass sucking the dick of people he has no right to even talk to.

  35. Marc, you knew all the time it was a scam. I hope I meet you sometime.

  36. My man, come on down any time...
    Estepona, Spain...I´m in the book, obviously if you are a "client" you have my info, about an email?
    Bro, I could not be happier that you are fucked. How does that feel? 34 951 278 917...give me a call or
    I hope to meet you sometime, I will bury your face in the sand.

  37. By the way, I hope you lost a lot of money in xG...and if that is the case, I´m sure you are a loser at many other things.

  38. Marc is so Two faced. He was saying 'Buy buy buy' in public. In private he was writing emails like this to the xG Management:

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Marc Dannenberg"
    To: ; ;

    Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2008 5:50 PM
    Subject: Re: FlashComm

    > Gentlemen,
    > This is to inform you that I am out. I no longer believe anything you
    > guys say. This is after 9 years of believing you guys had a clue as to
    > what you are doing. I now see you don´t.
    > Your corporate structure is undeniably amateur, and your business sense is

    > non existent. You have gone through millions and millions of dollars and
    > have nothing to show for it. You have burnt through money and I really
    > can´t see you getting any more. As a shareholder, I am appalled and
    > disgusted at the way you handle business, and as a prospective dealer,
    > even more so.
    > The major "partners" you have brought to the table was big news when it
    > happened, now you feel you don´t have to comment on that.
    > What happened to Bear Stearns, Rothschild, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley,
    > blah, blah, blah
    > The only thing I do know is that Rick has an account at Goldman from
    > Shareholder Monies, since you guys haven´t made a dime as far as I can see

    > for 9 years.
    > I do wish you all the best there is and I hope one day you achieve what
    > you set out for, but I just don´t see it.
    > Frank says he needs approval from the CEO or CFO for return of my cash, I
    > can´t see how even that is true as I still have no contract yet my cash is

    > in your account
    > Another misleading statement. You guys are habitually shooting
    > yourselves in the foot.
    > My advice is to can the whole lot of you, and start fresh. I don´t even
    > see why you need any corporate structure. just a lab should do.
    > My sense is you were under pressure to go public for the sake of some old
    > shareholders (Palmi?)
    > You guys should delist, and get it together before coming back on the
    > exchange.
    > Just don´t do it before Tuesday.
    > As for the non dealers with no contracts and no working commercial
    > products, I won´t even comment on that. It is so screwed up it doesn´t
    > seem possible.
    > There is no business plan, there are no forecasts, there is no way to
    > judge your opportunity because everything keeps changing for the worse as
    > far as dealers are concerned.
    > We went from 30k subscribers to 10k to 4k.
    > We went from 780 simultaneous to 400 to 100
    > We went from 18 miles to 7 miles to 1.5 miles.
    > We went from stacking base stations to not being able to stack base
    > stations.
    > You are not commercial boys, you are just out of the garage.
    > That´s not a bad thing in itself, but your public image you portray
    > differently.
    > I have enclosed my wire instructions to Frank on Friday.
    > Rick you asked me to call you every day until the cash from me hit your
    > account....I will want my cash sent on Monday.
    > You have lost your biggest fan. Perhaps I was wrong from the beginning,
    > perhaps circumstances changed, but whatever the case is, I believe you
    > handled your delays and your setbacks in the
    > worst possible manner.
    > Do not bother to call or contact me until I receive the confirm that the
    > cash is on its way.
    > I will be speaking to my lawyers in Switzerland and if I don´t get
    > confirmation that the wire has been sent, I will be starting legal action
    > against you. Enough is Enough.
    > Good Luck,
    > Marc Dannenberg
    > MD Marketing, S.L.
    > 34 951 278 917

  39. EXACTLY, anyone saying I said buy buy buy is a fucking lying douchebag.
    But thanks for playing.

  40. Oh and Drunk, thanks for posting that...some of my best work!

  41. You said BUY, BUY, BUY to your clients - to get the commission - and in private you realised that the tech wasn't what it was claimed to be.
    "> We went from 30k subscribers to 10k to 4k.
    > We went from 780 simultaneous to 400 to 100
    > We went from 18 miles to 7 miles to 1.5 miles."

    That makes you a lying scumbag.

  42. No I didn´t drunk, but you can think what you like and run with it...what commission you fucked up momo?

  43. Drunk, sucking my dick as you make up the story...I love the attention!!!

    xG is the greatest company in the history of the world!!!

    hahahahhaha, you guys are right to suck our collective dicks at once.

  44. I wonder how he keeps tracks of all the lies. By the time he sent that email he was still promoting the stock to his clients.

  45. Hey anon client...stock is down 99 percent for years, you have all my contact info for years and you still "hope" we can meet...sounds like you are a fucking faggot sucker whose balls have not dropped...bro, if I were in your position, i wouldn´t would have happened already...or are you scared to come down full of vim and vigor just to end up getting your head bashed in as well as your wallet...

  46. So you were charging Marco 20% just because he's your mate? What do you charge the rest of your clients!?

    Man look at yourself:
    * Fat, Bald, Ugly
    * Consistently lying and being caught out
    * Gone from a New York Boiler-Room, to hack stock promoter
    * Can't even drive a car
    * Has erectile dysfunction
    * Constantly stoned because you can't handle the truth about yourself.

    I could go on....but I don't want to hog the insults. There's plenty more people who want a go.

  47. Really anon douchebag, got any proof of that?
    I have proof of the opposite, but you can keep spewing your obsessive cocksucking nonsense.

  48. Drunk, what the fuck are you talking about...20 percent???
    Bro, who said I can´t drive a car?
    What the fuck is wrong with you...ugly, bald...doesn´t matter because I will be fucking you from sucking my big fat cock drunk.

  49. I'm none of the above mentioned ex "clients" but I feel sorry for them and the confidence they once gave you. Now you're going public with their names and for what reason?

    This is the true Marc Dannenberg we're seeing. I've learnt not to trust this person in anything he says.

  50. I have to tell you fuckups something, I am armed with the facts, and I truly truly love to abuse the weak and me a bad guy, say I have no heart, I don´t give a come to me with weak shit crying about something or wishing you can stand up for yourself, and I eat that shit up like popcorn at a double feature...I LOVE abusing weak stupid people ESPECIALLY when they try to come out of that and step to me...I LOVE THAT!!! Bring it on, people.

    Besides that, any shareholder of any company that decides to publicly post lies and nonsense should really be killed in the most painful way that I would like to see!

  51. anonymous, BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT!
    What the fuck are you going to do about it?

  52. Now this is getting fun, as I watch the Rangers kick the shit out of the Rays...anyone else?

  53. Your "business" is all about confidence. You just blow it.

    I haven't followed this for a while but I understand there is this John Bohman involved. I think he might be interested in the information I have.

  54. "I am armed with the facts"

    That's hilarious! When you were claiming that flash signal worked, you said you had a 'secret' report that validated it all, and that Karn was wrong. Yet, in private you were acknowledging to xG that the performance was terrible!

    You are too stupid to understand the facts even when they are explained to you in words of one syllable. Option A) You really are THAT stupid. Option B) You deceive people on purpose in order to steal their hard-earned from them.

    Dumbass or Crook: which one are you?

  55. "I haven't followed this for a while but I understand there is this John Bohman involved. I think he might be interested in the information I have. "

    I can pass it on if you like.. The poor lad is about to lose $6M.

  56. Drunk, you and the 3 other retards are saying flash signal doesn´t work! Of course it works drunk! xMax is the most valuable technology ever invented.

    Bro, there is no number that I know of to multiply to demonstrate how much smarter I am than you or your band of idiots.

    You and your buddies could not hold my jock strap in any facet of life.

    To the other anonymous idiot...yeah of course this is the true me, I mean everyone is really themselves on the internet, right you fucking dumbass?

    What we can take out of this that is true is the fact that most people are useless bags of meat.


  58. [Admin point: I keep having to fish comments out of the Spam folder because posting as 'Anonymous' seems to trigger the spam filter. Why not sign in as a username?]

  59. Funny how everyone has "information" on xG or whatever and the company is a pimple on the ass of the moon...really, why the obsession? Its an illiquid 20 million dollar company whose shares are down 99 percent from any level.

    Hahahaha, I know are for one reason or another you are scared shitless.
    That is the best part of this all.

    Lets have a real discussion on why you 3..and now it looks like 4 and some sucker...are obsessed with xG, its investors, its partners, its patents, its value, its press, its...everything. Hmmmmm?

  60. Another question I have is why any of you idiots think you have information that the largest shareholders and board members don´t have. For that insane way of thinking, I have to ask what the fuck is wrong with you jackasses?

  61. John, posting with a username on this blog would take much more time than it is actually worth to do, as easy as that would be.
    You understand?

  62. That's the wrong question.

    It's not that the board members don't have the information. It's more like they do - and that's what makes it fraud.

  63. "John, posting with a username on this blog would take much more time than it is actually worth to do, as easy as that would be.
    You understand? "

    Sure, but don't whine if your post doesn't show up. It'll be in the spam filter.

  64. so Drunk, what you are saying is Bohman put 40 mil in, still is in...Mooers put 5 mil in, still is in...the co. has been on the exchange for 4 years now, they are still on...hey listen, I´m going to tell you what Telefonica said when they were in Ft. Lauderdale...they said 5-7 years. Think about that fact, you have no clue what my stock position is, you have no idea what the company´s position is although that information is public but you are way too stupid to understand what you are reading.

    What I can say is I knew this was happening, and the only reason to get excited was the Chimay investment which obviously was a fraud.
    Other than that, if you knew what was happening, there was never ever a reason to worry with xG. You 4 now, plus a piker renegade have been great for me to sharpen up my insulting skills...most of the day I talk to people who actually have the ability to understand more than the cavemen we have here.

  65. Former client to M Dannenberg10 October 2010 at 02:36

    "Dumbass or Crook: which one are you?"

    As far as I know him he's both. I wonder how many more of his "clients" he will name here. Moreover I think some of them aren't too happy about him doing it.

  66. Corrected for accuracy: Bohman put in $6M. And has obviously refused to put in any more - why is that? Is it because he thinks xG are the greatest thing ever? Or, is it because he realises he's been had?

    It's the latter - and you know it.

    So Telefonica, saw this fledgling technology that would be wonderful with a bit of time and investment. What do they do? Do they invest? Do they provide testbeds? Do they sign a contract guaranteeing exclusivity?

    Nope. They walk away.

    Are you serious? Are you that stupid?

  67. Yes John, he is that stupid. I told him yesterday I hope brain transplants become a reality. That's his only hope

  68. Hey Dummy anonymous, I named two of my worst clients because you are either one of them, or one of them is reading this...I hope the TWO out of HUNDREDS get good and pissed off.
    Dickhead...LETS GO YANKEES.

  69. Former Client;

    "As far as I know him he's both. I wonder how many more of his "clients" he will name here. Moreover I think some of them aren't too happy about him doing it."

    He's not popular with anybody it seems. xG distance themselves from him in public (whilst letting him sell director controlled restricted stock). His clients (that dwindling band) don't want to be associated with him in public. And everyone else on the internet just pities him.

  70. Drunk confirmed you are the dumbest sob in the world...why the hell would Telefonica want to assist in some other co´s R&D.
    Bro, have you done any other business aside from pushing poison? You know why I am posting here? I know I am so much smarter than anyone who would possibly post here other than myself...really, thats why.

  71. Reading the comments here tells me Marc had his first joint for breakfast today.

  72. xG distance themselves from him in public (whilst letting him sell director controlled restricted stock). His clients (that dwindling band) don't want to be associated with him in public. And everyone else on the internet just pities him.

    Drunk yep they distance themselves from me until I was a dealer and you yourself you fucked up cesspool posted phone calls between me and the soon to be richest man in the world...fortunately or unfortunately...bro, you are so fucked up in this your brain is soup. Everything you post about xG and anyone involved is the Alice in Wonderland version of the actual facts, except Alice was a long time drinker and the rabbit hole is a sewer. That says it all.

  73. WTF? Telefonica have inside access to a wonder-technology. The stock is trading for pennies. Why don't they buy the whole show? They could have the whole thing for less than $20m. Peanuts.

    Yet they don't. They know why. I know why. You know why. Because it's a crock of shit.

  74. haha, you are so retarded I will not comment.

  75. Corrected for Accuracy: You are so stupid you cannot comment.

  76. oh and anon who is concerned about two of the worst people on earth...the drunk has on this very website for 2 years the phone numbers and other info of people I far, you disgusting excuse of a human...I have received exactly NO negativity on that.


  77. hahaha, the drunk corrects for accuracy...that is funny!

  78. "I have received exactly NO negativity on that."

    No, you just have you name all over the internet saying you're a dumbass crook. That's not at all negative.

  79. And still no answer to my legitimate questions...thats why this blog is just to mess around. Nothing serious ever happens here.

  80. Really? All over the internet?
    Mongo, once anyone again smarter than a cockroach or an anti xG jackoff will see the crap is written by the SAME 3 PEOPLE!!!

    More than that Mongo, proof is in the performance...the Internet, my Mongoloid friend is not real life. So sorry for you.

  81. Huang,

    The man is easily confused. He can't tell the difference between being insulted on the internet and receiving oral sex*. He can't tell the difference between reputation ruining commentary (all deserved) and positive attention.

    It's the drugs.


  82. Marc:
    "Really? All over the internet?
    Mongo, once anyone again smarter than a cockroach or an anti xG jackoff will see the crap is written by the SAME 3 PEOPLE!!!"

    The stats tell me that the blog gets 4,328 pageviews a month on average.

  83. Anonymous said... 4328 hmmm...I look at it oh...300 times a month or so when it is active...that means you must look at it that much...yeah thats about...15 seperate people...can it be more...yeah, it can be triple that...bro, you have any idea how many people use the internet?

    As I said, you are a lot of fun to insult..and I have a lot of fun insulting people like you, which is what you attract here. Keep it going, maybe more than 5 seperate people will comment like we have had here since 2008. Idiot.

  84. "I look at it oh...300 times a month or so when it is active. "

    You look 10 times a day? You are obsessed! I don't even do that and it's my blog!

  85. Marc, as you are so stupid I try to explain. By "all over the internet" I meant that your name shows up on many different web sties/blogs and in a very negative way. Googling your name it gets even worse.

    I don't know if your definition is being on the start pages of NYT, Facebook, Google etc - it doesn't work that way. You're easy to find and even easier to find out about, i.e. that you're a lying idiot.

  86. sure, when its active...why not, usually you idiots are talking about me or one of my investments.

  87. Mongo nip, Many?
    You are so fucking dumb.

  88. I thought I would mention that xG Tech is being tested as the global communications standard.

    Want to know my top market value for this gem...7 Trillion Euros. The dollar will disappear. 7 Trillion baby. Fire away!

  89. How many shares do you hold today? I guess you're happy holding your 25k, that will be enough when it's at 7 Trillion

  90. haha, I will buy at least that much tomorrow.

  91. Marc, here's one email that just came in from one of your "clients":

    from xxxxx
    to huang dongh
    subject Re: xG Technology

    how did you know i was one of marc dannenberg's clients?

    i recognise your name from the iii forum which i used to follow. i am no longer involved with xg or dannenberg

  92. John, do you know anyone who has met Dannenberg? I'm beginning to think the guy isn't for real. I would really like to know what kind of a character he really is.

  93. Thats nice Mongo. Tell you what, I don´t give a fuck about anyone I don´t talk to regularly...I guess that would include this jackoff. You can cut this and paste it in your reply if you like.

  94. Mongo, you will find that weak worthless douchebags do not get along with me. Spineless gutless idiots like you would never get along with me. Crying bitching men never get along with me.

  95. Does that mean you only have sex with US troops coming to Marbella or how should I interpret that?

  96. Interpret it as you normally would English to Mongo...

    Any one of you want to answer my questions about your undying obsession with xG and anyone in and around the company?

  97. Mongo you want to know what type of person I would have sex with?

    Man mongo, how empty is your big head?

  98. Hey anyone on the side of these two or three disgusting worst that mankind has to offer jackoffs...well look around you.

  99. Obsession is too strong a word. Fascinated is better.

    Fascinated that there's a scam right here on the stockmarket today. It's like watching a slow motion car crash. You know what's going to happen - you try to warn people, yet the car is still moving towards the terrible conclusion.

    It's fascinating that wherever you look around xG there's people that have been involved in scams, or dodgy deals: You, Rick, Roger, James, Vic, ACH, Porn Kings, Palmi, Fredrik, Johan. Just about everyone.

    It's fascinating that folks admit they are unregulated stock promoters right in front of you.

    It's fascinating that people make technical claims which are blatantly wrong, and we all know it before they do.

    It's fascinating that the man leading the scam is such an obvious sociopath, and hasn't a clue about marketing, PR, or anything. Rick COULD NOT have handled the PR in a worse way.

  100. Drunk you have been saying the same thing for 4 years...and its not like are directly involved in the crash.

    Drunk what scam has any of these people been involved with...the scam is pulled on your should have been institutionalized but the doctors didn´t want her to feel bad. Porn is a scam, or a dodgy deal? What in the fuck are you babbling about drunk.

    It is fascinating how you are obsessed with my dick and balls. PR MY ASS!!!

  101. Drunk I understand it is a thrill to know the stories of people as they become multi billionaires in front of your face...I understand that, we used to call it wealth by association in the business...drunk you are a pathetic sad individual.

  102. Drunk, tell me again how Rick and Rog put 5 mil in just to be first in line for assets in a company you fucking idiots have been screaming for years is a have not fully explained that yet.

  103. Billionares? The company's market cap is 20 million dollars.....and to 99,99% of the population it's obvious it's a company that won't succeed in anything but dodgy stuff.

    You've lost the plot today. I wish you a quick recovery.

  104. This is Huang Dongh posting as Balkur on iii...this dumb mongo is obsessed with xG like no other. He posts to himself pretty consistently...mongo, nobody takes you seriously other than mama and papa san.

    11:45 Re: Love the supporters Balkur

    View Author's profile | Add to favourites | Ignore | Author's posts

    If you're a xG supporter. Here's another upbeat prediction fresh from today:

    "I thought I would mention that xG Tech is being tested as the global communications standard.

    Want to know my top market value for this gem...7 Trillion Euros. The dollar will disappear. 7 Trillion baby. Fire away!"

    He's in for what I would call a major disappointment.........

    More | View thread (2) | Respond | Login to Vote up

    08:47 Love the supporters Balkur

    View Author's profile | Add to favourites | Ignore | Author's posts

    You got to love xG's supporters. Just now one of the posted this:

    "xG will be the highest valued company in the history of all exchanges"

    You find the whole story here:

  105. Mongo you fucked up douchebag, that .001 percent equals 6 million people. Bro, you are a loser all day long.

  106. Marc,
    "Drunk, tell me again how Rick and Rog put 5 mil in just to be first in line for assets in a company you fucking idiots have been screaming for years is a have not fully explained that yet."

    I have explained it - but as ever you are the last one to realise it. I'll try again - s.l.o.w. t.i.m.e.:

    In iDigi, when LN were making noises about suing Mooers transfered all the assets to Island Labs. He did this in order so that when the company folded - as he knew it inevitably must (they'd caught him red handed) he could have an escape route. I.e. another company ready to go with the assets. It also gave him the excuse that he'd did it because LN were after the 'secret sauce' that made iDigi special. However LN had discovered through reports from Katapult that iDigi WASN'T as special as was claimed. They were getting speeds as low as 0.04Mbps! They were mis-sold and lied to.

    When LN sued. Rick coughed up the cash - no option.

    Exactly the same thing is happening again. Rick is ready at the drop of a hat to trigger the transfer of assets, and run again with another company (MB Technology). All he has to do is for himself, not to pay himself. The he gets the 'assets' for himself. It's genius. He can do it at any time.

    Every shareholder (thankfully including you) will lose 100% of the value. So, your $40/share valuation is partially correct - you just have to erase the 4.

  107. Drunk you fucking dope, you just fell into my trap again...funny you say Katapult was dissatisfied...drunk if only you knew the truth I think you would set yourself on fire.

  108. Oh the 40 bucks, not mine, ING´s and Dan Stewarts who I would trust about a million times more than a drunk and a mongoloid.

  109. Those pieces of research are worthless as they were built on lies and false statements. And who went on about Bunting being an idiot overstating know how and potential in xG just a month ago?

    What is your €70 Trillion valuation built on? Fairytales? An episode in Donald Duck? Did "God" tell you? Or did you come up with that under the influence of drugs?

  110. "Drunk you fucking dope, you just fell into my trap again...funny you say Katapult was dissatisfied...drunk if only you knew the truth I think you would set yourself on fire."

    The truth is here. Do yourself a favour. Read it:

  111. "Oh the 40 bucks, not mine, ING´s and Dan Stewarts who I would trust about a million times more than a drunk and a mongoloid."

    $40 a share is perfectly reasonable - IF the 'Flash Signal' worked as advertised. But as they've found out - it doesn't, can't and won't. Now $0 a share is more apt.

  112. No Mongo, your opinions are worthless because you are a braindead mongo.

    Drunk, no bro, I actually speak to two are so dumb.

  113. You're obviously dumber than a "braindead mongo" not being able to see xG is a scam........

    Again, I hope for you brain transplants become a reality

  114. No mongo, xG is not a scam, you are just a dumb mongo.

  115. Former client to M Dannenberg10 October 2010 at 11:33

    M Dannenberg used to talk about the share price going to everything from twenty dollars to a thousand. It was never a question of if, only when. Now knowing he knew all the time nothing would happen with the product makes him nothing but a conman.

    I wonder when he thinks it will reach the seven trillion Euro valuation and more importantly how.

  116. Former, pal, what are you talking about...obviously I kicked your ass out..
    Knowing all the time nothing would happen???
    English not your first language???
    If you have any gonads, you give me a call or email tomorrow and I will explain...first you say I say it is a matter of when...then you say I knew nothing would happen...
    Yet I bought equipment and have bought a lot of stock over the past year or so...
    Dummy here is a hint for you...PRICE MATTERS if you are buying or selling. The market had xG incorrect back in the day, and they are out of their minds wrong right now.

    You want to know something, buddy, grow a pair and contact me...sheep can always go astray and they can always rejoin the flock.

  117. Oh, Former, I see, you are talking about my email to them...firstly you can´t read, as I call myself their biggest fan...secondly, I have no doubt about the product, it will be the global communications standard...what I had to do was kick their ass.

    Bro, if you cannot stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. But don´t misunderstand purposely and act like a jackass in public about it.

  118. What a great way to win back a former client: Call them Stupid, a Jackass. Illiterate, and lacking balls!

    Marc, you've consistently said you have 'secret' information, which 'proves' everyone else wrong. Yet, the price drops, and drops, and drops, and drops, and drops. Wouldn't it be better to share that information with the world so that the price starts going up? That's looking after your clients.

    Now, we have the new loan terms, where yours and everyone else's shares can be wiped out -legally- in a whim by Rick Mooers. You sure have a lot of trust in that man. He's quite possibly (and this is some accomplishment) an even bigger asshole than you. Yet he now holds your pair right in his palm, and can squeeze whenever he feels like it.


  119. better to just come and see me at:
    MD Marketing S.L.
    calle Londres,
    Urbanization Forest Hills,
    Costa del Sol,


  121. Drunk, I never said I had secret info...that was your buddy shakandhar...I of course have info you and your 3 flaming idiot friends could never understand. You are a pathetically ill equipped lying douchebag.
    Stocks go up and stocks go down...who the fuck cares...wait until this trillion dollar company does some business.

  122. I love it when jackoffs like you guys put my number, my address, whatever...I have done it before and none of you have the balls, money, or backbone to make a move...I assume that will remain the case...SUCKERS!!!

  123. "You got to love xG's supporters. Just now one of the posted this:"

    That's Marc Dannenberg, and he's really going bonkers over there. More than 70 posts in just a few hours. It's reminiscent of his spew here a few weeks ago. He's seems a tad upset about xG tanking, doesn't he?

    I wonder how he'll react when MB defaults on the loan from MB, and the stock officially becomes worthless.

    This guy Beerson is a real moron...this whole blog is about me and my investments yet its a big surprise to this gutless piece of shit that I post here...too funny...yep I am really going bonkers...funny how idiots like Beerson project their own feelings of worthlessness on to me.

    A few weeks ago Beerson you fucking mutt? That was 2 months ago or more!!!
    Holy Shit, what a group of dummies you have assembled drunk.

  124. As well this complete idiot Beerson announces to the same fucking 3 morons who have been sucking my dick for years that he knows who is posting here...can you get any more retarded than Beerson?

  125. Furthermore, he asks "doesn´t he?"
    Bro, you are TALKING TO YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!! HOLY COW...BWHAHAHAHAHAHA, never seen such obvious stupidity before in my life!

  126. Another ex-Marc client10 October 2010 at 23:34

    I will come and see you and you will pay me every cent I have lost

  127. When it happens PLEASE take pictures.

  128. Yes, please do.
    Why don´t you call me first?
    34 951 278 917.
    My man, if you lost money because of me and you never spoke to me about it...I think a, you are one of these dickheads, or b, you are another dickhead. Come down if you want, but chances are you are a liar...

    I will keep you jackasses updated if "another" calls me...I send and receive wires all day long. Methinks "another" is of another sort of another, just like you 3.

  129. You know, none of you idiots have addressed any serious subject about xG since I posted some questions that should be simple to answer.

    xG is the global communications standard.
    Nobody has anything to say?


    I love you retards, I really do...

  131. If you really have any balls at all, you will read that to the very last word.

    Hey all you "clients of mine" I readily accept me at 34 951 278 917, or email your mea culpa to me at All is easily forgiven, anyone can be lead astray.

  132. Read the link - all of it. So? It's a cognitive radio. So what?

    What's now 'special' about xMax? Nothing, that's what. No unique selling point. Nothing.

    They even now admit "While the xMax BSN is conventional in both architecture and functionality" where for years they've been screeching about how unique it was - stuffed full of 'Wavelet pass filters (the key to xMax [tm])' and special modulation. Now all of a sudden it's 'conventional'.

    What a joke.

    I wonder if John Coleman actually thought he was joining the DARPA XG program rather than xG Tech? They were investigating cognitive radios for years. Now he's stuck with these jokers.

  133. I love your stupidity...Drunk, news flash bro...nobody in the world is more "so what" than you....

    Bro, you fucked up saucehead...WORLD IMPLEMENTATION numbnuts!!!

  134. When a company has lied so so so many times - and been caught out. When they now openly admit that the 'special' thing they had is now 'conventional'. Why do you continue to believe everything they say?

    It's irrational, and Illogical, but Illuminating about you.

  135. Bro, to you, xG is everyone.
    You are hilarious, drunk.

  136. World Implementation!
    Global Comms. Standard!

  137. Did I mention a top of 7 Trillion Euros market value?

  138. Oh and like it or not, Rick Mooers will be the worlds first trillionaire...we won´t be far behind...comments?

  139. See that huge Blue and Green round thing under your feet? That's called the earth. Come down and join us any time.

  140. I am here drunk, I am here.

  141. Question Marc: (see what I did there..?) Who sets the 'global communications standard'?

  142. Is it likely to be Joe Bobier - who didn't understand he tried to break the Shannon Bound, or is it likely to be these guys?

  143. haha...since there has never been one, it would be the US Armed forces, IEEE and a bunch of other big heads...paradigm shift means everything it implies, David...totally freaking new. The FCC, Ofcom, ETSI, and others...

  144. bro, enough with Shannon. Every time you bring that up right now you lessen any credibility you never had.
    Read the article again, its your worst nightmare realized.

  145. So it will be xG rather than these guys?;

    Wow. I MUST buy some shares.

  146. I love this quote:
    "The first phone call over a cognitive radio network was made on Monday 11 January 2010 in Centre for Wireless Communications at University of Oulu using CWC's cognitive radio network CRAMNET (Cognitive Radio Assisted Mobile Ad Hoc Network), that been been developed solely by CWC researchers."

    xG are so behind the game.

  147. Hmmm let's see how many mentions there are of xMax over at the Cognitive Radio Blog?

    Umm. Zero. Sorry play again.

  148. There must be some mentions of xMax over at the WiMax and Cognitive Radio Research group. After all xMax will be the new standard...

    Nope. Play again?

  149. David, now you are talking. I knew you would understand.

  150. Wimax is dead. Your mistake is drunk, you think everyone is right at once...its because you are a drunk. There are winners and losers in every are a loser many times.

  151. The University of South Florida is right down the road from xG. Lets see how many times they mention xMax in their Cognitive Radio resources....

    Umm. Zero. Nil Point.

  152. In fact. NOBODY in the Cognitive Radio world is talking about xMax. What a surprise.

    Marc you are deluding yourself and defrauding your (snigger) Client. Get real.

  153. really nobody asshole?
    Obviously you can´t read...

    Andrew Seybold, CEO and Principal Analyst of Andrew Seybold, Inc. said: "The US Army's CERDEC is constantly evaluating new wireless technologies, and the fact that they believe that cognitive radio techniques have now matured enough to be considered as a viable option is not only good news for xG Technology, but also for better management of spectrum for all wireless customers moving forward."
    Lieutenant Colonel John Moelter, Chief of Integrations, US Army Signal Center of Excellence, Fort Gordon, Georgia, said: "xG brings a capability we have not seen in any other products available today, especially in a cellular form factor

    And this is the one I would believe a real man would pull the trigger and kill himself if he were you...

    Drunk we are going to be trillionaires and here is to you...licking my balls! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

  154. There is NOTHING SPECIAL about xMax's modulation - they've now admitted that.

    There is NOTHING SPECIAL about xMax's Cognitive Radio - the above links show that.

    And when Mooers triggers his failure to pay himself - What are investors left with? NOTHING.

  155. Drunk, you are the nobody. I love that you can´t see are in my wheelhouse of insulting.

  156. sure, sure, keep whacking your knob to that...lying to yourself...what a freak.

  157. Oh my God. You bought up the Tristate!

    Read and Learn:

  158. Drunk you do realize you just touted the same org as someone to put into place a global in defense of my info, you are touted a mid level engineer and ham radio enthusiast. Good one. Drunk!

  159. "One of xG's recent patents is titled "TRI-STATE INTEGER CYCLE MODULATION". The inventor is Joseph Bobier, and the patent number is 7,003,047.

    I have made a first pass through this patent and I have to say that it completely belies Mr. Bobier's claims to having made major breakthroughs. Like many would-be inventors of revolutionary modulation methods, he seems to have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Not only is the method he describes not novel, but it does not and cannot yield the benefits he claims.

    As described in column 5, lines 27-43, I quickly recognized his method as just continuous phase frequency shift keying (CPFSK) with biphase (Manchester II) encoding of the baseband data signal. That is, he encodes a '1' by shifting the carrier frequency to a higher frequency, then a lower one, while a '0' is a shift down and then up, or vice versa. These methods have been around for decades..."

    Game, set and match Phil Karn.

  160. "now in defense of my info"

    WHAT INFO? You've just painfully displayed your ignorance! The Tristate is a dead duck. It has ceased to be. Even Bobier has dropped it - remember? The BSN is now 'conventional'...!

    My God you are an idiot.

  161. I have made a first pass through this patent

    Yep, definitely worth taking seriously from the mid level engineer.

    Oh, and the IEEE paper saying xMax is the end all be all of communications...just ignore that and pay attention to what Karn says on his "first pass"...Drunk you cannot possibly be a real person who lives.

  162. Here is a hint you forelorn loser, read Brough Turners last article...then throw up and choke on your vomit, you drunken douchebag.

  163. Oh my God!

    The paper says no such thing?! Are you Crazy? (Don't answer that...) You are so stupid: Do you have to remind yourself to breathe sometimes? I bet blinking takes a supreme effort. Have you moved on from Crayons yet? Oh my word.

    The Modulation - of which the Tristate WAS (not PAST tense) a part has now been replaced by something conventional. They admit this. They have dropped the TRistate. It is no longer. Do you get it?

  164. That should read "note past tense"

  165. Is there anyone other than the few idiots we have normally here that would like to speak about xG?

  166. No dummy, the company never said anything like that...and the IEEE paper I linked actually does say that, as does Nokia and so many fucked up worm.

  167. Marc is starting to sound like the did 3 years ago with Shannon being dead, xG having world unique tech etc. That took the stock from $10 to $0,1

    The guy just can't lose and admit he was wrong. Something is seriously wrong with this guy but we've known that for some time now. What happens when Mooers bails out of this? Will he go after him and scream like a baby he's stolen a technology that would have Marc a trillionaire.......?

    To Marc: Please keep on dancing, I love it!

  168. Brough Turner hasn't mentioned xMax in TWELVE blog-posts! My God you are desperate.

  169. Oh Dear Huang. Silence. I think we've broken him. :-)

  170. Drunk I said his last post on xG...

    I guess its just you two retards.

  171. I think everyone else realizes what fools you fools are.

  172. Marc. Tell me what is unique, or special about xMax? How are they better than say these guys?:

    Thanks in advance.

  173. John, I think he will stop screaming about xG the day he dies. He will age in Spain and walk around bars telling how close he was to become a trillionaire. If it hadn't been for a few unfortunate circumstances he would have been sitting on the top of the world.

    I won't feel sorry for him and if I visit Marbella I will stop by and throw him a couple of Euros, some socks and underwear. I kind of think he will appreciate it.

  174. Marc won't help himself. We point out where he's gone wrong but he won't listen.

    If you're handing out socks I could do with a few pairs. :-)

  175. If xG is on the verge of skyrocketing, then why is the stock price stuck near its all-time low with virtually no volume? (Not a single trade in almost a week, and the bid hasn't budged.)

    I'm convinced Dannenberg is trying to set himself up for a defense when the authorities come. Either he'll be claiming he was deceived along with everybody else, or he'll just plead insanity. Too bad for him there's plenty of evidence in numerous hands showing conclusively that while he was shitting on the company and technology in private, he was promoting and selling the stock (restricted shares, nonetheless).

    He knows his time is up, and that knock at the door could come any day...

  176. Phobos, I think you are Phil Karn...Phil why don´t you ask Xiaoyu whether xG will "skyrocket"...

    Phobos, can you prove I was telling people to buy stock as I was "shitting" on the company?
    Shut the fuck up and ask Xiaoyu, Phil.

    Xiaoyu Liu
    Sr DSP Engineer at Qualcomm

    Greater San Diego Area
    Current Sr DSP Engineer at Qualcomm
    Past senior DSP engineer at xG Technology, Inc.
    Education Florida State University
    Connections 7 connections
    Public Profile

  177. Hey Karn the douchebag, nobody ever shit on xG´s tech except those with a life or death reason to do so.
    Shut the fuck up you idiot.

  178. Marc, how do you explain the absolute lack of interest in XGT stock with the price barely off the the all-time low? There hasn't been a single trade in almost a full week, and the bid hasn't budged.

    If xG were 1/1000th what you claim they are, wouldn't people buy? Especially at these prices? Why isn't anybody buying?

  179. Clown, I cannot explain it. I can only buy as many shares as I can...why are there so few billionaires in the world?

    I am unconcerned about the stock price, I love the business.

  180. Another ex-Marc client11 October 2010 at 10:33

    Why would I spend hard earned money calling you. I will come by and will expect you to wright me check on an amount of my choice.

  181. ok, I´ll wright you a check, hopefully you will continue your grade school education.

    Why would you fly down when you can call me...since I have absolutely nobody I deal with in Spain...sorry pal, you lose, not for the first time.

  182. How about an email, genius...emails are free.

  183. "I can only buy as many shares as I can"

    Yep. That makes sense. The volume in XGT is zero, and you're broke.

    Admit it. Even if you could afford to buy you wouldn't. Even somebody as dense and drugged-out as you has to understand what the terms of MB's loan do to the market in XGT.

  184. "Bro, there is no number that I know of to multiply to demonstrate how much smarter I am than you or your band of idiots."

    Marc, look up the Dunning Kruger effect.

  185. Hi fuckwad, I don´t pay retail..suck my dick.
    What type of fucked up asshole follows someones every word for 5 years that is drugged out?
    You are a dumb douchebag. Keep sucking.

  186. Yeah, I looked that up, but in my lifetime I have showed more skill in anything I do than you could hope to show in 55 different lifetimes...thats the reality of you too can suck my dick.

    Hey, Enceladus, look up the suck my dick effect. BWHAHAHAHAAAA

  187. Oh, Enceladus, 160 IQ on this no, I think you are mistaken...perhaps you are projecting.

  188. One more thing Enceladus you buffoon, if I am "overstating" or "ignorant of my lack of ability" why the FUCK do I have jerkoffs like YOU and the four other idiots hanging on my EVERY word for 5 YEARS and haunting my investment for the same period of time?
    Hmmmmmm? To me, and I am a super genius, it seems like I hit on a sore spot with you fuckups.

  189. Did I mention that every single top comms analyst now agrees that xMax will be the Standard in Cognitive Radio going morons are all alone.

  190. You morons are a lot of fun, especially ugly Clown and his psychological are like my little mice and I am the big hungry cat...have a great night morons, and maybe just maybe one of you will wake up tomorrow with a little more sense...doubtful but there is always a chance.

  191. Dude... 99 out of 100 comms analysts think xMax is a constipation remedy. The other one knows it is. Laughed so hard he needed to change his pants.

  192. Dude, name them.
    And stop shitting in your pants.

  193. Joe Bobier is the smartest guy living today.
    xG Technology owns the biggest comms. breakthrough in the history of the game...anyone not thinking this way should be hung from the highest tree.

  194. Oh and when you name the analysts, leave out your Mommy and Daddy, and ugly sister Sue...they don´t count...

  195. Now I get it! This is Marc's way of saying;
    1. He's given up
    2. He knows it's over
    3. He hates xG

    It actually makes some sense as this was how he went on in 08 when he simultaneously wrote that email to Frank Peak bashing xG and asking them to send his money back. I think he's made the same mistake twice. He has ordered and received a new set of base stations and he has just figured out it's the same pieces of shit he was sent last time........

    I've said it before but I say it again. This person would be top seeded if there was a World Championship in stupidity.

  196. Yep thats it Mongo.

  197. Ex-employees say Bobier is a genius. To quote one disaffected technician: "Joe Bobier is pretty much a genius

    I searched for "phil karn is pretty much a genius"

    I know we will never find the drunk and the mongo together with the word genius...

    Nope, not one person in the universe thinks Karn is a genius...I did find this, however;

    "On the planet Karn, an insectoid alien called a Mutt (the focus of the Third Doctor story, “The Mutants”) stumbles out of a wrecked spaceship and crawls along the ground. It is ambushed and killed by a large, lumbering man named Condo with a hook for a hand. Condo decapitates the Mutt and takes its head back to a castle on a cliff. The castle belongs to Condo’s master, Dr. Solon. The head is unsuitable, however"

    Was there ever any doubt that the head of anyone on planet Karn would be unsuitable?


  198. xMax

    Thank You So Very Very Much.

  199. He's flipped. Hard to tell, I know, but I think this is it...